Category: 103: Major Prophets

Daniel 6

Daniel 6 After taking over Babylon, the Medo-Persian empire replaced the Chaldeans and continued the same Babylonian religious political system.  Then king Darius the Mede organized his kingdom into 120 provinces and made Daniel his prime minister. Daniel 6:1 It pleased Darius to set over the kingdom an hundred and twenty princes, which should be over the […]

Daniel 5

Daniel 5 Introduction The last Babylonian king was Nabonidus (Nabu-na’id, 556 – 539 BC).  While absent from Babylon to put down a rebellion to the south, the Medo-Persian armies invaded from the north and overcame the regent of Babylon,  Nabonidus’ son Belshazzar (Jer 27:6-7).  History records that Babylon was under siege for some time until the […]

Daniel 7

Daniel 7 Introduction Belshazzar was a co-ruler with his father Nabonidus for several years before the fall of Babylon and because Nabonidus was often away on military campaigns Belshazzar was often left in full charge in Babylon itself. The end of Belshazzar (Dan 5); must be understood in light of the dreams and experiences of his […]

Daniel 4

Daniel 4 Daniel 4 is a royal proclamation by Nebuchadnezzar to all the nations.  Babylon had brought the wisest and most skilled people to Babylon where they assisted in massive building projects and formed a “college” of wise men to advise the government on all matters.  Each of these groups worshiped the gods of their […]

Daniel 3

Daniel 3 After his dream was revealed and explained by God through Daniel; Nebuchadnezzar instead of worshiping God, worships Daniel as the servant of God.  Brethren, we are to obey the message and he who sent it; We are NOT to worship the messenger who merely brings the message! Then the king is driven by his […]

Daniel 2

Daniel 2 Daniel 2:1 And in the second year of the reign of Nebuchadnezzar [c. 605 BC – 562 BC. the 2nd year would have been about 603 B.C.]  Nebuchadnezzar dreamed dreams, wherewith his spirit was troubled, and his sleep brake from him. The king seeks an answer from the wise men, the spiritualists and false religions of Babylon, […]

Daniel 1

Daniel Introduction: The people who organized the book of Daniel have placed the various prophecies in the wrong order.  Daniel himself tells us this when he dates his prophecies by the reigns of various kings.  For example, we know that Belshazzar was the son [descendant] of Nebuchadnezzar, actually his grandson; and we know that Darius the […]

Ezekiel 47 – 48

Ezekiel 47 A river of water will flow from the Millennial Temple.  This is symbolic of the water of the Word of God and the Holy Spirit flowing out from God.  See The Living Waters of Salvation article. The physical Temple represents the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit, which will dwell in the spiritual Temple […]

Ezekiel 45 – 46

Ezekiel 45 Introduction:  Ezekiel 40-48, Ezra, Nehemiah and certain other scriptures like Numbers are largely neglected in preaching and studies.  This neglect especially of Ezekiel 40-48 is hard to explain since many are big on talking about the millennium, and Ezekiel 40-48 contains key prophecies and descriptions of the millennium.  To come to the correct understanding one […]

Ezekiel 44

The glory of the LORD [the member of the YHVH Family who became flesh as the Son, the Messiah] will enter the Ezekiel Temple by the East Gate and will move westward to the Most Holy Place; and the Holy Spirit of God, the very nature of God; will dwell in the Ezekiel Temple, and will dwell in all […]

Ezekiel 42 – 43

 Ezekiel 42 Ezekiel 42 – 43 animation All the measurement of the millennial Temple are of one cubit to which is added one span.  This adds up to two feet, making the reed of Ezekiel 40, to be twelve feet long.  The animator’s measurements are shorter and smaller than they should be.  The millennial Temple […]

Ezekiel 35 – 36

Ezekiel 35 Mount Seir was named for Seir, the Horite, whose offspring had inhabited the area (Genesis 14:6, 36:20) until the children of Esau (the Edomites) completely destroyed or absorbed the Horites and took possession of the city (Deuteronomy 2:4-5, 12, 22). From that time Mount Seir has become synonymous with Esau who took possession of Seir and destroyed the Horites […]

Ezekiel 31 – 32

Ezekiel 31 Pharaoh as a type of PRIDE: Egypt will fall and be humbled for pride. Ezekiel 31:1 And it came to pass in the eleventh year, in the third month, in the first day of the month, that the word of the LORD came unto me, saying, The ancient pharaoh and today’s modern Pharaoh Abdel […]

Ezekiel 25 – 26

Ezekiel 25 While this prophecy is about Jordan, Turkey and the Philistines of Gaza; it is very powerful in absolutely refuting the false traditions and false teachings of certain modern false prophets. This prophecy is about Nebuchadnezzar coming through that land, as a fore type of the latter day nations of Asia sweeping through those lands […]

Ezekiel 23 – 24

Ezekiel 23 This chapter is a condemnation of the spiritual adultery of the Ekklesia and the idolatry of physical Israel and Judah, and the correction coming from their Husband.  Remember that this was written for our instruction, and the same correction will come upon us for our own spiritual adultery against the Husband of our baptismal commitment. 2 Timothy 3:16   […]

Ezekiel 21 – 22

Ezekiel 21 This is a latter day prophecy for we are told in Haggai 5:5 that Judah and Israel will fall together and that has never happened in the past.  We are specifically told that this prophecy includes the holy places which are analogous of the latter day called out or the spiritual Temple, also falling […]