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Post Exilic History

It is important to refresh ourselves regarding the history of the Post Exilic period and the conditions leading up to and during the life of Christ.  Very many people are unaware of this history; and of the fact that the Mosaic Pharisees [surviving as the Scribes (Karaites) today] were NOT the same as the Hellenic Pharisees who […]

Nehemiah 9 – 13

Nehemiah 9 A fast was called for the second day after the Feast of the Eighth Day and there was a great repentance, fasting and mourning over sin, because of the words of the law [Deuteronomy] that were read to the people during the Feast of Tabernacles and the Feast of the Eighth Day. Nehemiah […]

Nehemiah 1 – 8

Nehemiah 1 Ezra had gone to restore the religion and build the city at the command of Artaxerxes [Ahasuerus] Longimanus in 457 B.C.  Ezra had logically placed his first priority on restoring the true worship of YHVH, and building the city had been largely neglected until Nehemiah arrived in 444 B.C. and even then there […]

Ezra 7 – 10

The Building of the City Jerusalem The decree of Artaxerxes I [Longimanus] Ahasuerus recorded in Ezra 7:12-26. King Artaxerxes, in the seventh year of his reign (457 B.C.), authorized Ezra the priest and scribe, and all who wished to join him, to go to Jerusalem, revive and restore the religion and build the city. It was […]

Esther and Purim

The scriptures establish that Purim was on Adar 13, 14 and 15.  Esther 9 sets Purim as the 15th day of the 12th month Adar 1.  We see in Esther 9:1 “Now in the twelfth month, that is, the month Adar”. . . clearly meaning that Purim is to be in the 12th month.  Purim is celebrated with the reading of […]

Zechariah 3 – 4

Zechariah 3 The physical high priest Joshua was a type of the spiritual High Priest Jesus Christ who delivers all sincerely repentant sinners by applying his atoning sacrifice;  cleansing them from all sincerely repented sin . ALL converted people MUST live by every Word of God with true diligent zealous enthusiasm like Jesus Christ did! Salvation from eternal death […]


Introduction The book of Haggai is addressed directly to Zerubbabel the governor of Judea and to Joshua the high priest, during the period of building the temple before Ezra came to restore the true religion.  Haggai being God’s messenger to the governor and the high priest regarding the building of the temple. This book is […]

Ezra 1 – 6

Ezra Introduction The Book of Ezra was originally combined with the Book of Nehemiah in a single book of Ezra / Nehemiah.  The two books became separated in the early centuries of the Christian era. In the restoration from the Babylonian captivity, three successive leaderships carried out three different missions; The First Part of the book of […]

Rebuilding the Temple

This post is under construction For more than 100 years after the exile of the ten tribes of Israel by the Assyrians,  Judah remained having some good kings and many very bad kings and God sent his prophets Isaiah and Jeremiah to warn Judah that they would go into captivity to Babylon and king Nebuchadnezzar. […]