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Announcements; 2018, 1 Jan –

A very warm welcome to our visitors and friends!  For older announcements please visit the Announcements Category on the side bar.    20 July:  After Israel has been massing troops on the Gaza border for the past week, Hostilities have broken out when extensive Israeli bombing began across Gaza this evening.  Long time readers will know that I have […]

New Publications

Announcement 24 Apr:   Our new book  “Bible Studies Galatians to Philemon” is now available here.  The writings of Paul have been twisted for generations because they are vital to personal salvation.  These studies will be posted serially at the Bible Studies site:  Nevertheless having the complete study in one volume without waiting for day by day […]

Announcements; 15 Sep – 30 Oct, 2017

30 Oct:   Gaza situation explosive after Israel blasts tunnel being inspected by senior Hamas Military Wing and Islamic Jihad, killing several senior commanders,  Seven people were killed and eleven wounded in the Israel attack.  Gaza militants go to full military alert amid promises of a response and Israel is deploying its Iron Dome battery’s.  The […]

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