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Understanding and Conquering Diabetes

Barbra O’Neil lectures on diabetes, explaining the condition and how to overcome it.  I intend to follow these instructions for the next two months and see what happens.  If you find these lectures helpful go to YouTube and see her lectures on other health issues.  Also see our Healing article here. [yotuwp type=”videos” id=”QU3A-8-NfZg,Dm6fmiG4SAc,vIfYvpMFMKQ” ] […]

Walter Veith on Bible Translations

Walter Veith is an Adventist lecturer and while I do not agree with much Adventist teaching this is a good series on the History of Bible Translations.  In the second lecture he presents some of the major differences between the Textus Recptus and today’s modern mistranslations, of which the NKJV is by far the worst; […]