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  1. James,

    Hello, my name is Bob Petry,

    I first heard of you from Ken Malm who used to read some of my material. For some reason I never thought to look up your website. After reading some of the comments of Bob Thiel this week I decided to do so.

    I am a AC grad, 1963. Like you I began to present some things I’ve learned on the internet. However, about 5-7 years ago my wife had a stroke so my production almos stopped completely. Then, about 4 months ago I had one also. With prayer and fasting, plus other changes we both are better.

    Now, I plan to get more active again.

    Over the decades some insights have opened to me on prophecy. And, I found what seems so simple that it opens up the chronology of the final years of this generation. Of course, none of the cog groups care to see what it is, nor whether it really works or not. Their main excuse is, so, you think you are a prophet, ergo you are a false prophet.

    Funny, with what I’ve learned it has made possible to call the following:

    1. Israel giving back Gaza,
    2. First to call the NY. towers attack the 9-1-1 event before it occurred.
    3. Called the day indirectly of the attack on Iraq.
    4. Called what became the start of what became “the Arab Spring” before it began.
    5. Plus some other things.

    Number 4 was done on Twitter.
    The rest on Public Access TV in Tucson.

    Here’s what’s funny about their reactions to this, I am definitely NOT a prophet. Just presented what I saw in the Bible after learning the simple clue that to me opens prophetic understanding to anyone.

    I presented this to a few cog folks to find others to help prove that this was viable or. not. Response? Oh, you just want to get a following, right? Sound familiar?

    Anyway, just thought I should touch bases with you. The thought that got me exploring my insight was this. Woke up one morning after studying the Olivet prophecy and the first thought I had was, “Oh, that’s just a blueprint.”

    If that is correct, then the last 7 years start April, 2025.

    Just an opening thot, hope all is going well for you,

  2. I don’t know any Ken Malm, As for Bob Thiel at the very least he unwittingly made you find something worth reading welcome to theshininglight.

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