Jerusalem New Moon

The new moon was not seen anywhere near Jerusalem on march 15th as it was very cloudy   the new moon was march 16th 2021   I would like to say that having multiple sources for new moon observation is a good idea, I just read this from 2014 While presenting himself as Karaite, Nehemiah departs […]

World Report 1 Jun 2020

05:00: The Justice Department has put the brakes on president Trump’s hopes of declaring Antifa a terrorist organization [it is really an unorganized movement] as a precedent, by announcing that they will investigate to see if any organization is involved in the violence. World Report 1 Jun 2020 American president Donald Trump has managed to […]

It looks like this is it

James was saying these things would happen for years. Hamas could be about to be destroyed in this war and whatever happens could set the stage for peace and safety right before the sudden destruction, The new world order financial system is also on the way. There is no prepping against the dragon whatever you […]