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Announcements; 31 Oct – 31 Dec, 2017

31 Dec:  Sites Clean Up:   The sites have gotten too big and are using too much resource assets, mainly due to posts being duplicated on more than one site while the  number of visitors is increasing.  To reduce resource use and speed loading to accommodate the increase in visits I did a site clean up last week. 

Where the same material is posted on more than one site that material has been deleted from the least appropriate site and kept on the most appropriate site. 

That means that the book Bible studies on the Wisdom books, the History books, the New Testament and the books of Moses have been deleted from the Prophecy News site while the prophetic books will remain there.  Those Bible studies deleted from the Prophecy News site will now be exclusively at this Bible School site.

Other duplicated posts will also be removed so that only one copy remains on our sites.   I have also added Litespeed to our server which should dramatically increase performance.

Please remember that we are funded by contributions from our visitors, and help us to help others.  Your prayers and contributions are much needed and deeply appreciated.


27 Dec:    See today’s very important must read post detailing what will happen in the coming months and years.


25 Dec:   Please see out article on Birthdays, Christmas and New Year’s Day.  For many videos about Christmas put together by many different researchers visit this link.

The Calendar Sabbath book has been given a new cover to better reflect the fact that two thirds of the book focuses on the Sovereignty of God.  The content remains the same.  The download copy at the Literature page has been updated with the new cover.


24 Dec:   Today is a heavy news day.  To keep up please visit this month’s News Prophecy Blog.

New downloads of Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel are now available at the Literature page.  Those who have downloaded the previous Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel studies should delete them and replace them with the new updated versions, which have been rewritten with much new material.

The book of Isaiah will be featured in our studies beginning on Monday.  The Isaiah study has been completely rewritten and will be full of new information, more explanations and updates of past information from what has been learned over the past years.     

The Job study about the transitory nature of physical life, humility before God, patience and self justification, is the beginning of our lead up to Passover.  Isaiah with its many references to the Messiah and the millennium is next in the plan, to be followed by Genesis and Exodus.   

Passover, subject to the new moon sighting to begin the month,  is expected to fall on 1 April this year.  Because this is very early in the year it is remotely possible that an intercalary month might be needed which would push Passover forward to 1 May.  This is unlikely but possible; we will know for certain in early March. 

This uncertainty exists because of a change in the moon’s orbit during the reign of Hezekiah,  before that God’s perfect original creation had 12 equal 30 months making a 360 day year.  All Bible prophecy is based on God’s original 12 – 30 day months and a 360 day year.

When Christ comes and restores all things he will doubtless also restore the intended natural cycles in the heavens to their original design.


19 Dec New Moon Report:   The new moon was NOT seen from Jerusalem this evening.  Since no month can be longer than 30 days the first day of the tenth biblical month will begin at sunset tomorrow.  

God’s Word tells us to observe the first visible light of the new moon as seen from Jerusalem with Bible Studies and the Shofar.  For more information please see the Calendar articles at this category.   

For HWA and the New Moons see these articles


13 Dec:  The December 2017 UCG Coe Report has been posted here.   Mark Mickelson is retiring at the end of December.  No mention was made concerning Mark’s replacement on the CoE.  There are a number of other interesting news items making this report worth reading carefully.

Things are beginning to heat up between Gaza and Israel

I plan to begin work soon on rewriting the Major Prophets of Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel. 

The new study through Isaiah is planned to follow the Job study, with Jeremiah after Isaiah; then I will be going through Genesis and Exodus and into Passover related material.  The focus this Feast of Unleavened Bread will be the process of Salvation.   Ezekiel, Revelation, Daniel and the Minor Prophets will come sometime after the Spring Feast.

If anyone has downloaded past studies through the Major Prophets of Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel, please be aware that the old studies will be obsolete; since these studies are being rewritten to include much new information and better explanations in the new editions.   

Observers will be watching for the New Moon from Jerusalem on Tuesday evening the 19th of December


11 Dec:   Russia withdraws from Syria

Tomorrow is the last article on “The Works of the Flesh.” 

We will now begin our Passover workup with a  new series through the book of Job on Wednesday.  Job is about many things like patience, pride and humility and perseverance through trials; but Job is primarily about always being right in ones own eyes regardless of the truth and self-justification. 

This issue is the root of the unpardonable sin, because thinking ourselves right regardless of the truth, and therefore justifying ourselves, we cannot admit faults.  


9 Dec:   See the latest on the developing Middle East situation.  A Grand Bargain peace deal is coming in 2018!  

The Hamas West Bank uprising appears to have paused until Hezbollah is ready.  An operation against the Al Nusrah Front [Al Qaeda] in Syria began today with more than 100 Russian airstrikes on the ANF in Idlib/Hama provinces.  The demolition of Al Qaeda in Syria may take until the end of January or longer.   This puts the planned regional war back into the anticipated general spring time frame.


8 Dec:   Gaza situation explosive after Israel kills Hamas commander and wounds 30 others in border confrontation; and a later Israeli bombing wounds 25 [mostly civilians including six children]. 


7 Dec:  It looks like the First Phase of the carefully planned Three Phase Middle East regional war is beginning.   For an explanation of the Trump move and the war phases click this link.


5 Dec:   President Trump has informed the Palestinian Authority that tomorrow the US will recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.  IF this is true and depending on the precise wording it could set the region ablaze. 

Hamas and the Palestinian Authority are already calling for mass demonstrations across the West Bank and a new “Jerusalem Uprising” to begin on Friday.  IF such an uprising materializes, it could be the first phase of the coming regional war.   The BIG question is whether this will become a regional war before or after an Israeli election call?


4 Dec:   People have been sending in more information and the study on the line or dynasty of David has been updated with more information on the unicorn.   The free download has also been updated. 

World News and Prophecy  is now progressing swiftly


2 Dec:   Special Sabbath Music.   Israel bombs Syria Syria responds by attacking Israeli backed rebels on Mt Hermon.


29 Nov:   Site Plans Through the Spring Feast:  The plan is to complete “The Works of the Flesh” series and then do a study through  Job.  Job is much deeper than many realize and has to do with being right in our own eyes and justifying ourselves; which self justification prevents a proper attitude towards God and therefore prevents sincere repentance; which is the unpardonable sin. 

Today, most of the corporate Ekklesia are intent on justifying themselves; considering themselves right in every way (Rev 3:14-), and refuse to turn to God with a whole heart; which is the unpardonable sin.  In order to save us we will be rejected by Christ into severe correction, so that by afflicting the flesh the spirit may be saved. 

Job went through this as an instructional example that we need to quickly repent of our own self justifications for our false ways, to be saved; but if and when we do learn to be humbly submissive to the Great God our Father, instead of justifying remaining in our own false ways and deciding for ourselves what parts of God’s Word to bind and loose, we shall be saved!

After Job I plan to go directly to Isaiah for the many prophecies of Christ, and then to Genesis and then Passover material followed up by the teachings on “The Way of Salvation”  through the Feast of Unleavened Bread. 


27 Nov:   British Israel Study Paper is now available for free download here.  Feel free to share with your friends or elders.

The Psalm 83 Arab alliance is now coming together.  This alliance will make a regional peace with Israel only to see the Jewish Extremist Settler Movement sabotage the deal.  Frustrated and furious they will then rush into the Jewish State.  For more


23 Nov:   Russia announces Syria pullout by end Dec

The time has come to reveal the truth about British Israel and the Davidic line.

There will be two articles on British Israel this coming Sunday.  The first one will be on the modern locations of the ten tribes and the second will be on God’s promises to David and the Davidic line.   Identity has always been a major teaching in the Armstrong based COG groups and these are very important posts.   Please read them in the intended order to get the most out of them. 


19 Nov:   The first visible light of the new moon was not seen from Jerusalem this evening.

Sunset tomorrow will begin the first day of the ninth biblical month [all day Nov 21].  God’s Word tells us to observe the first visible light of the new moon as seen from Jerusalem with Bible Studies and the Shofar.  For more information please see the Calendar articles at this category.   

For HWA and the New Moons see these articles.

Tuesday the present series on the Ministry will end with an article on the Temple, this article will go into the spiritual meaning of the Temple and will also explain whether a Temple must be built in Jerusalem BEFORE the tribulation. 

Beginning Wednesday four articles are scheduled on key parts of the law, including Clean and Unclean, the Ten Commandments, the Sacrificial System and Marriage and Divorce. 

Next, articles on the sixteen Works of the Flesh are scheduled.  This series is about the nature of carnal man.


18 Nov:   Leon Sexton suffers stroke click this COG News link.  Leon works hard with the brethren in Burma and Thailand.


17 Nov:   New Moon:  We will be looking for the new moon of the 9th month after sunset Sunday evening, 19 November 2017, which is the end of the 29th day of the 8th month. This will be a difficult sighting because the moon will be setting in twilight.


16 Nov:   Details of Trump Peace Initiative and coming Middle East war on Hamas, Hezbollah, Shia militias and Iran are beginning to come out.  Events are now unfolding exactly as I consistently published at TheShiningLight sites since 2008.

We are very much in need of your financial support.

A reminder that the folks behind the Gospel Outreach International have retired and closed that organization down.  From now on please send all surface mail to the mailing address at the Donate page.  Contributions may be sent via the PayPal on the sidebar or by surface mail.  Please make sure that all cheques are made out to James Malm and NOT to the Gospel Outreach International.


12  Nov:   LCG’s Living University folds!  LCG will now focus on training a ministry instead of funding a “University” and seeking accreditation.  For details click this link!

Events are lining up for an Israeli election call and a regional Mideast war.  US Russia agree on Syria plan, details not released.


9 Nov:   Tomorrow’s article “For Thine is the Kingdom” is the last in the current series on prayer and key subjects for prayer.   

Beginning on the Sabbath a twelve part series on priests and the ministry is scheduled.  This series will include the Mosaic Administration System, the Priesthood from Melchizedek to Aaron and back to Melchizedek again, the Ezra revival, the Christian Dispensation Ministry, the millennial and main harvest education system and much more. 

The study is to be completed by a study into the Temple and the Sacrificial System including the prophetic meaning of the Temple, and also the subject of whether a Temple will be built with a resumption of a Daily Sacrifice, before the onset of the tribulation. 

This will be an intense study full of information not generally taught, and is a must for anyone desiring to be in the resurrection to spirit priest/kings.


5 Nov:   Due to retirements the Gospel Outreach International fundraiser is closing down.  Please DO NOT send any further mail to the Oregon address. 

As of today, please send all contributions to the PayPal on the sidebar or directly to the address at the Donations page.  Emails can be sent to me at 

Note that all mail presently in route to Oregon will be processed and annual receipts will be sent out in January as usual.

Israel prepares for mid 2018 elections. Events are still lining up for the tribulation to begin near the end of 2018 or soon after. 


3 Nov:   An general outline of world events from now to the coming of Christ has been posted at the News Site.  I have been saying these things consistently for years with a few points being more recent.  

For most areas of North America Daylight Savings Time ends in the wee hours of Sunday morning


1 Nov:   A new monthly news blog is up, today’s news has Russia seeking an exit from Syria and another new bill seeking to prevent corruption charges against Netanyahu.  


31 Oct:  Friends and Brethren

The final battle to eradicate the Islamic State from Syria / Iraq is now underway and President Trump is sending VP Pence on a Middle East tour to conclude in Jerusalem / Ramallah about December 20th.  The purpose of the tour is to put together the final Trump Peace Initiative.  Leaked details indicate that a summit of key Middle East nations is to be called and will agree on a Middle East peace plan as previously arranged by the Trump team during its many rounds of talks. 

The agreement is to be on setting up a multi phased plan to negotiate other details in a step by step process.  Example Phase 1 borders and security, Once that is implemented Phase 2, 3 etc on water resources, trade, refugees, etc etc.   Once the summit kicks off the plan, an agreement on borders and security could come very quickly, in fact that phase may be resolved in the actual summit so as to have the immediate approval of the regions nations. 

Of course the kicker in all of this is the situation with the Gaza militants, Hezbollah and Syria- Iran, along with the political situation in Israel, and it should be self evident that those issues must be solved if any genuine peace deal is to be agreed. 

I have been saying these same things about the need for change in the present regional reality for nine years and have been called a false teacher for my trouble.  I have known what was needed for any kind of genuine peace deal as per 1 Thessalonians 5:3, but as I have said many times, I do not know the precise timing of these events. 

Nevertheless I have been watching and reporting the news and the flow and ebb of events and it is very clear that we are now very close to a resetting of regional realities towards a genuine dialogue for peace and a peace agreement. 

US VP Pence is touring the Middle East during the general Hanukkah period about Dec 12 to the 20th.  At the same time Israel is in a political mess and Netanyahu appears to be ready to call elections to seek a broader mandate and to delay any peace summit for as long as he can. 

Variables in this equation include: 

  1. The exact date to be set for the summit; will it be set for January or April or some other time?
  2. When will Netanyahu call an Israeli election?  Before the Pence trip or sometime after a summit date has been set so as to take as much time as possible?  and how will the approaching corruption indictments against him affect the governing coalition? 
  3. The other big issue is when will the next round of conflict between Israel and the Hamas Military Wing and Hezbollah take place.  Right now Hamas is showing remarkable restraint, but they cannot do so for much longer and will have to react to any further provocations. 

As you can see, this is a very complex situation with several intertwined threads.  Personally I would not be surprised if Israel’s coalition falls in December or any time after that right up through the summer.  I will also say that while this could work out by the end of 2018 there are also no guarantees and another year might be needed.

A spring or early summer election call and subsequent war has several distinct advantages: 

  1. It is always easier to fight in the spring after the cold, rainy and foggy Gaza weather has cleared and the snows of Lebanon have receded.
  2. There would be time for the Syrian situation to settle and for a possible Russian withdrawal from Syria. 
  3. Netanyahu could delay calling an election until close to the summit [if that is politically feasible in the context of the possible indictments].  Such an election call would then postpone any summit date.

It is because of this complexity that I have never published any set, firm dates.  What I have done is to watch and report the progress of events, while doing verse by verse studies through the entire Bible, as a firm foundation to be followed up by extensive doctrinal studies. 

Many other organizations present studies on many subjects, using only those scriptures [often out of context or from questionable translations] or assumptions that seem to buttress their positions, but we have FIRST studied through the entire Bible as a basis and foundation for further studies.  

On November first we complete the Epistles studies and the next day we begin a series of doctrinal studies. 

First is a study into “The Lord’s Prayer”,  This study will be much more than a “how to pray” study, and will go into detail about things like temptation and the power and glory of God to deliver his children. 

Second, a series is scheduled on the Priesthood and Ministry, from the beginning to the Aaronic Priesthood, the Christian Dispensation Ministry and the millennial and main harvest priesthood as well as the resurrected spirit priesthood. 

Subjects such as the Levites, Priests, Nazarites, the Sanhedrin, Apostles, Prophets, Teachers and Elders including their functions, duties and essential qualifications, will be studied. 

Studies through the Ezra revival, the origins of the Pharisees and Scribes, the Christian ministry and the Ezekiel Temple and Priesthood are planned. 

The millennial and main harvest education system through which the resurrected priest-kings will lead humanity into the family of God will also be included in this series. 

Third, is a series on the Commandments and various laws.

Fourth, is a series on The Works of the Flesh. 

Many of these articles will be quite lengthy and it will take hard work to keep up. 

Longer term, a series on the book of Job.


My dear friends

Now is not the time to get slack!  Rather it is a time to redouble our efforts to prepare ourselves to be accounted among the chosen at the resurrection to spirit, and to prepare ourselves to be teachers and guides [priest-kings], leading many to the righteousness of God during the coming millennium and the Main Harvest of humanity!

Please remember me in your prayers, that God would inspire a good understanding and help me to cope with my poor eyesight and provide all that is needed.   Also pray diligently that God would help all of his faithful to grow abundantly in his holiness!

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