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Announcements 2017, 15 June to July 31

31 July:  Trump begins to pick fight with Russia in Europe.  As warned about for years at this site the US and Russia are building towards a confrontation intended to advance the New World Order of a politically united New Federal Europe as a balance between East and West.

Israel removes all recently installed Temple Mount security devices and restores electricity to Gaza  to cool tensions.

Chief of staff, Lieut. Gen. Gady Eisenkott decided Thursday to deploy six more battalions – about 6,000 troops –  in Judea and Samaria, ahead of the Muslim prayers on Friday when a mass Palestinian victory celebration is planned.  Demonstrations may then cool until the end October presentation of plans to annex Jerusalem communities is tabled in the Knesset.


26 July:  The first day of the fifth biblical month begins at sunset tonight. See yesterday’s announcement for more. A blessed new moon and a very fruitful new moon study for all God’s faithful!!!


CORRECTION:  In reviewing the prophets I found an error in chronology has been made in the Ezekiel and Jeremiah studies because of the confusion regarding Jehoiachin and his successor named Jeconiah but also using the regnal name Jehoiachin. 

In fact:  Daniel and certain others went to Babylon in about 604 B.C..

Nebuchadnezzar  later captured Jerusalem in 597 BC and deported King Jehoiakim [properly Jeconiah] and Ezekiel, making Zedekiah king.  The final destruction  of Jerusalem and the temple came in 587 B.C. 

As of 10 am PDT today the Ezekiel and Jeremiah book downloads have been corrected.


24 July:   The new moon was NOT seen from Jerusalem this evening.  Sunset tomorrow will begin the first day of the fifth biblical month which will last all day until sunset ending Wednesday.  God commands that all New Moon’s be observed with worship services [Bible Studies] and the sounding of the Shofar.  

For more please visit the Calendar category for many in depth articles on the Biblical Calendar and the New Moon.  Those seeking information on the teachings of Herbert Armstrong on the calendar and new moons will find two such articles at the COG News site.


23 July:   Just posted  Iran’s Master Plan to Destroy Israel“.  This article explains in detail, the present events in the Middle East, the coming war – which may already be beginning, and its aftermath.

As the coming of our Lord gets closer and closer, Jesus Christ is unsealing the books (Rev 5, Dan 12) and revealing more and more.  Next Friday’s article at the COG News site will explain the 144,000; don’t miss it!

The next new moon is expected to be seen from Jerusalem on Monday evening.


19 July:  Yesh Atid is conspiring with Labor to take down the present Israeli government and form a peace making government after elections.  Yesh Atid will leave the coalition once a deal has been struck with Labor.


16 July:  The following further explanation has been added to the first Corinthians 10 post:

In the fertility religions of ancient Greece the pagan temples made money mainly in two ways 1) all girls were expected to do a period of service as prostitutes with earnings going to the temple 2) meat from animals sacrificed to the gods was sold in the markets [shambles].

Paul advises that for the sake of conscience when buying in the shambles [market] do not ask if the animal was sacrificed to an idol, but if it is known to have been sacrificed to an idol we are not to buy or eat it.

The point is that if we are ignorant as to whether an animal was sacrificed to an idol the issue is not important for idols are nothing anyway; but if we KNOWINGLY eat things sacrificed to an idol that knowledge implies that we are acknowledging that idol and we are to avoid even the appearance of wrongdoing.

1 Thessalonians 5:22 Abstain from all appearance of evil.

Today this is almost a non issue as our animals are not killed in sacrifice to idols.  The issue today is to abstain from any appearance of evil, like even entering the door of a restaurant on the Sabbath day.


14 July:   Shooting on the Temple Mount 


09 July:   On July 07, 2008 our first article was published.  That article warned that a regional war was needed to reset realities in the Middle East to fulfill the prophecy that peace and safety would be declared. Last night’s post also contains a list of the events I have been posting about for the past nine years all in one place.

Events could still slow done and take longer but right now they are moving towards the setting up of the man of sin in the Vatican as soon as October 2018 with the tribulation beginning close to 75 days later.  Remember, I said it could still take longer but the tribulation is now very close. 


07 July:   On Sunday a return to the Epistles is scheduled beginning with 1 Corinthians 1.  The Epistles are planned to continue with occasional doctrinal posts and the Fall Festivals articles to the end of October.  


27 Jun:  US threatens to attack Syria with the unsubstantiated excuse of imminent chemical attack to save rebels near Latakia.  

Today concludes the Romans study, a few days of doctrinal studies are now scheduled before continuing in the Epistles studies with First Corinthians. 


25 Jun:  The new moon was seen from Jerusalem this evening by Roy Hoffman and others, more folks saw the first moon light from Galilee.  Sunset this evening begins the first day of the fourth biblical month.  New Moons are to be observed with Bible Studies and sounding the Shofar.  For more please see our Biblical Calendar category.    Celebrate the new moon with the Shofar.  

Battle raging on Golan Heights 


23 Jun:  The new moon is expected to be easily seen after sunset ending Sunday 25 June making Monday the first day of the fourth biblical month.  New Moons are to be observed with Bible Studies and sounding the Shofar.  For more please see our Biblical Calendar category.

An announcement will be made as soon as the new moon is confirmed by sightings from Jerusalem.  Celebrate the new moon with the Shofar.  

As the non ISIS rebels wind down hostilities, the Islamic State is on the ropes nearing collapse.  Non Islamic State Rebels in Deraa accept 48 hour ceasefire to negotiate permanent deal.  For details see Syria War Winds Down, Whats Next?

The Acts 23 study has been amended with research on the Sadducee’s and spirits.  After further research the following has been added to Acts 23:8  

The idea that the Sadducee’s rejected angels and spirits is due to a misunderstanding of what Paul meant since angels and spirits are mentioned throughout the scriptures.

The proper meaning is that the Sadducee’s did not believe in a resurrection or change of people into angels or spirits. They believed that people were already spirits [immortal souls] trapped in a physical body and when the physical body died the spirit – which was considered  the real person – was released to go to God or to a place of punishment. This same belief exists today in Kabbalah Judaism and among some calling themselves Christian.

A study in the book of Romans begins on Sunday, that study is scheduled to complete on 27 June.  On 28 June a series of various doctrinal posts will commence and last about two weeks before the 1 Corinthians study begins.  The doctrinal posts will include posts on a variety of subjects from “Satan and Demons”  to “Fasting” and  “How to keep the Three Pilgrim Feasts”  There will also be an article on the Three Days and Three Nights.


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  1. Is it only Mickelson? He suggests there are more than one teaching something differently. Thanks for the update, James.

    Comments are enabled at the COG News site. Please do comment on the scripture posts here but I would very much appreciate keeping COG News comments at that site so I can advertise this site when it is ready.

    They are using the letter to give a warning to all, but the links he adds are all about the Nature of God and Jesus as taught by UCG; there is no doubt that that is the primary issue in this letter. Which happens to be the Mickelson issue. They have been working with him for months and he has continued teaching this error. I myself wrote Mark three times before contacting Don Nov last

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