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Announcements; 15 Sep – 30 Oct, 2017

30 Oct:   Gaza situation explosive after Israel blasts tunnel being inspected by senior Hamas Military Wing and Islamic Jihad, killing several senior commanders,  Seven people were killed and eleven wounded in the Israel attack.  Gaza militants go to full military alert amid promises of a response and Israel is deploying its Iron Dome battery’s.  The Israeli provocation comes as Israel is in a deep political crisis.

Our sites were down for a few hours last night.  The host had beefed up their security firewall which inadvertently interfered with the connections to the site.  The length of the down time was because I was asleep overnight and did not catch the issue until this morning.  Everything is working fine now, if anyone has any trouble accessing please clear your history cache. 

Very interesting news on Russia in Syria and about Turkey today.


20 Oct:   As expected the new moon was not seen this evening.  Sunset tomorrow will begin the first day of the eighth biblical month [all day Oct 22].  God’s Word tells us to observe the first visible light of the new moon as seen from Jerusalem with Bible Studies and the Shofar.  For more information please see the Calendar articles at this category.   

For HWA and the New Moons see these articles


14 Oct:   Posting will resume on 17 October after a short travel break.  Coming next are posts on Halloween, Christmas and Valentines followed by articles completing the Epistles studies and then doing a study into the Levites, Priests, the Temple and Sacrifices, Prophets, Nazarites, the Civil Administration, the interval of the Christian dispensation with its offices, and the resurrected priesthood of spirit kings and priests. 

Do not forget to visit our Literature page for free downloads of a few of our books, including Bible Prophecy and the Festivals.


12 Oct:   The Gaza Political Wing has entered into an agreement with Fatah to give up administrative control of Gaza by December 1.  The focus is now on the Hamas Military Wing.  An Israeli / Gaza militant conflict seems inevitable and rapidly approaching

CAUTION:   I have been warning of these things for over nine years and they are now lining up.   Now is the time to be very careful and watch and wait on all of the biblical signs.

Do not get caught up in setting firm dates.  While it is still possible that the tribulation could begin near the end of 2018, that will depend on how long these wars last, how long it takes for the New Federal Europe to arise and how long it takes to conclude a regional peace deal. 

Whether 2018 or a year or two later, the time is very close at hand! 

The final sign of the immanency of the tribulation is the setting up of a man in the vatican doing miracles.  Know that when he schedules a trip to the Holy Mount, and then when he actually goes to the Holy Place (Mat 24:15), the tribulation will begin with the occupation of Jerusalem.  Please review our must read  State of The World Analysis, October 2017  for more information. 

As these events progress, please spread the word to our beloved brethren and above all please do seriously study the doctrinal articles and prepare yourselves by fully internalizing every Word of God!


8 Oct:   Surrounded by his military leaders Trump declares “We are now in the calm before the storm.”  Hamas Military Wing begins resistance against the Hamas Political Wing reconciliation with the Palestinian Authority.  See details and keep up with the news at our new site.

Victory in Iraq; abandoned by their leaders Islamic State fighters are surrendering in mass or fleeing for their lives.  All that remains is the final mopping up of stragglers and one tiny enclave on the Syrian border.  ISIS close to collapse in Syria as well.


7 Oct:   US Gulf Coast evacuated ahead of Hurricane Nate  makes landfall near New Orleans Saturday night.


5 Oct:   Trump sets US on collision course with Iran.


3 Oct:   A must read  State of The World Analysis, October 2017  has been posted.  I have been warning of certain events for almost ten years and these things are almost about to begin.  This is a must read for all those wanting to be informed in advance about the imminent events which will lead into the looming Great Tribulation, and how the Tribulation will effect America, Britain and the Jewish State.  Do send out links and tell all your friends about this article!


1 Oct:   For the fast of Atonement please see these Psalms of Repentance for Passover  and Atonement.  



29 Sep:   1 Oct is God’s commanded Fast of Atonement beginning at sunset ending 30 Sep with the fast ending at sunset 1 Oct.  This is much more than depriving our bodies of food and drink and is to be a fast of serious self examination and sincere repentance.  Our article on the Fast of Atonement will be posted on 30 Sep, there will be no post on 1 Oct in respect for the Fast.


26 Sep:   See:  The Babylonian Mysteries Through the Ages for more on The Drift Away From God.

The Bible Translations article was updated at 13:00 PDT with a section on the Nestle Greek version of the New Testament.

Attack near Jerusalem kills Israeli security guards at outpost.


24 Sep:  German election results:  It appears likely that forming a coalition will prove impossible and there will be another German election next year.  


21 Sep:  The first visible light of the new moon of the seventh month has just been seen from Jerusalem.  May all God’s faithful be blessed with a Joyous and Inspired Feast of the Blasting of Trumpets all day until sunset ending Sep 22nd!  

See how the trends are converging in the Middle East.


20 Sep:  Because the Feast of Trumpets is a New Moon, the article on HWA and the history of RCG/WCG new moon observation has been updated.  I suggest that this is a must read for the brethren in organizations with roots from those organizations.


19 Sep:  Category five Hurricane Maria to hit Puerto Rico late Wednesday, track unclear but may strike US east coast next week.

News Wrap up:   The coming Mideast regional war has been planned and in waiting for years, but was waiting for the end of the Islamic State; lest the defeat of Hezbollah/Syria enable the ISIS to take over Syria.

This is a new News Post which will continue to be updated for several weeks before being replaced with another new Updating News Post.  Previous News Posts may be found at the sidebar News Alerts Category. 

The Islamic State is at the point of collapse as it makes its last stand in a few remaining redoubts.  The ISIS is expected to be eradicated in Iraq/Syria in the very near future.  

The US is preparing to declare Iran in contravention of the spirit of  the Iran nuclear agreement on Oct 15, which is dove tailing with the demise of the ISIS in Syria/Iraq and the situation in North Korea.  

Israel is preparing to pass a new law as soon as the Knesset reconvenes from its summer recess after the Festivals, which law will allow the Security Cabinet to make war without approval from the larger government body.

Remember that while Bob Thiel and the various COG Groups have been predicting that Islamic Extremism would take over the Muslim countries including Egypt, and become the king of the SOUTH; I have consistently pointed out very clearly – what I have said about these things is very well known and is no secret – for over nine years that the scriptures say that the Muslim countries except Egypt would be allied to the king of the NORTH.  

I have also consistently said that organized Islamic Extremism would be defeated – including Hezbollah, and the Gaza militants, that changes would come in Iran and Syria – and that a regional Mideast war would reset conditions and bring a genuine dialogue and successful peace deal for the region  (See Psalm 83, 1 Thess 5:3 and Mat 24:15).  

The Memorial of the Blasting of Trumpets:  The new moon should be easily visible from Jerusalem after sunset ending 21 Sep and the weather forecast is for clear conditions.  It is all but certain that the first day of the seventh biblical month, the Feast of Trumpets, will begin after sunset ending 21 Sep.  Therefore Friday 22 Sep is the Feast of Trumpets day. 

Since this High Holy Day is followed by a weekly Sabbath it is important to prepare enough food and necessities for two days before hand.  The same situation occurs to begin the Feast of Tabernacles the first day of which is 6 Oct, and for and after the Feast of the Eighth Day which falls on 13 Oct.  

The Fast of Atonement is on 1 October, beginning at sunset ending Sabbath 30 September.  

One offering is commanded by God for the entire Fall Festival period.  We have had very little in contributions this summer and we are in serious financial need;  Please remember this work with a Feast of Tabernacles offering. 

Fall Festivals 2018:  Two dates are listed for the 2018 Festivals.  The early date is expected to be correct, however this is the earliest possible date for the first month and the second list of dates has been included just in case the harvest is not ripening at Jerusalem in late March and an intercalary month is needed.  

Originally the months were precisely 30 days and the year was exactly 360 days, these calendar difficulties are the result of a change in the planetary motions during the reign of Hezekiah.  Please see the Calendar series or “The Biblical Sabbath and Calendar” book for more.  I speculate; could the massive earthquakes at the coming of Christ be the result of readjusting the planetary motions back into their proper alignment as part of restoring all things?

Site News:  After the completion of “The Seven Pillars of Wisdom” in a few days, there will be an article on God’s Promises to Abraham of a blessing to the whole world.  This promise of Messiah and salvation for mankind is applicable not only to the early harvest but also to the Main Harvest of the Fall Festivals.  After this, will be a series on the meaning of the Fall Festivals – which is very different from what has been taught; and a few other articles.  This is so that people can have an opportunity to see these things before they go to attend various organizational sites.  

During the Feast of Tabernacles we will feature studies through the Beatitudes.  Because the studies into The Seven Pillars of Wisdom, and the Beatitudes are so extensive, and because many will be traveling from their Feast sites, I will take a three day break after the Feast to give people a chance to catch up.  

After that break I intend to post on the Non Biblical Festivals like Halloween, Christmas, Easter etc, which most of the brethren are fully aware of, but which should be a part of this site.   These familiar studies will be a refresher and will also be easy studies giving even more catch up time for the deep spiritual studies.  

After this the plan is to complete the Epistles studies and in early November to begin a series of studies on the Priesthood of the Mosaic and the New Covenants.  This will be a deep doctrinal series getting into the Priests and Levites, the New Covenant ministry, the sacrifices including that of Christ, the Way to Salvation and many other related subjects,




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  1. You stated that “originally the months were precisely 30 days and the year was exactly 360 days……I speculate; could the massive earthquakes at the coming of Christ be the result of readjusting the planetary motions back into their proper alignment as part of restoring all things?”. Some groups outside of the COGS do maintain those days precisely in their worship, and set their celebration of the Holy days and Feast days accordingly, regardless of the change that occurred during the reign of King Hezekiah. Since they have been actually practiscing what you are ‘speculating’, would it be considered that they have restored that knowledge, and should we be doing likewise, although during the Ministry of Christ He did not alter the sequence of observance?

    Your comments created an opening to broach the subject which has been on my thoughts. I would appreciate your opinion which would be helpful to all who are seeking the Truth. I pray that you will continue the good work in the strength of the Messiah.

    My speculation was about whether the original precise sun earth moon cycles would be restored, not about the present calendar.

    To keep a calendar based on a regular 30 day cycle today is wrong, since God commended that we use the actual light of the moon to begin our months in Genesis, and using a regular 30 day month ignores the new moon as commanded by the Creator. We are commanded to observe the New Moon by worshiping God and there would be no new moons if continual 30 day cycles were used instead.

    It is also wrong to keep continual 360 day years regardless of the cycle of the earth around the sun, because God commanded that the new year and Festivals should begin at the same season that Israel left Egypt, and a continual 360 day year regardless of the seasons would throw the year out of sync with the seasons.

    There are many different man devised calendar ideas including the modern Rabbinic Calendar. To discern what is right and avoid confusion we need to go directly to the Word of God.

    I might add that the very Creator himself who became Jesus Christ, observed the years and Festivals by the then in use Temple period new moon observation calendar, with the first visible light of the new moon declared by the Sanhedrin after sightings by two or more witnesses; Jesus did NOT use either the modern Rabbinic Calendar or a continual 30 day moon cycle or a continual 360 day year cycle. James

  2. Thank you James! I did not misconstrue the intent of your ‘speculation’. It appears that the framing of the question was confusing, my apologies. I asked the question as it was presented to me during discussions which I refute, it is not my belief.

    You have precisely confirmed my response to the individuals that I am in contact with who are now convinced that a fixed 30-day cycle sets the right Calendar that should be used, and that occurred as a consequence of misleading and erroneous teaching. The question was asked In order to bring to the forefront the increased interest about the subject which is being hotly discussed/debated through various mediums. My quest was for additional concise details and input, (beyond what I have given), that I may have lacked/left out based on sound Biblical doctrine and understanding which you have provided. I pray that everyone that is affected and confused by such teaching will benefit from this dialogue, as well as from other commentators, (if they visit your Blog), and gain Spiritual knowledge and understanding while seeking to prove all things if they are so, and hopefully subject their mind to be guided by God’s pure Truth as it is being revealed.

    How is your eyesight, have you experienced any additional improvement beyond your last update?

    Thank you very much Joyce, Sometimes its just that I need to be absolutely clear for the other readers as well as answer directly. FYI Very many people across the COG spectrum are now taking a serious look at the Biblical Calendar and questions will arise as each one studies the issues. Feel free to pass on my answer or to send a link to the comment; also please do forward The Sabbath and Calendar book or a link to that category to anyone at all.

    FYI I sent the very first copy of the book to Jorge DeCampos and copies have gone out to other COG leaders as well. Long before the book I had previously sent Jorge a copy of A Defense of the Biblical Calendar and he promised me that he had forwarded the Defense paper to the CoE Doctrinal Committee more than a year ago now. These leaders know full well what I am teaching.

    I have corneal swelling but that is mostly in the early morning and passes. Otherwise sight is slowly improving and I may end up with 50%. I ask all for their prayers, and I know that God will finish the work that he has started. James

  3. Thank God for the percentage of sight you still have. I believe He will grant you enough vision to finish this important assignment. Our (The Ekklesia’s) prayers for strength, courage and protection remain with you. We have Christ’s own promise which will not fail. Forward ! forward ! Follow the path set before you by Christ our Lord, keep your focus and turn not to the right or left; for no matter how long it takes, victory will come. God bless everyone whose hand is in this work.

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