Islamic Extremism Nears Collapse in Syria Iraq

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BREAKING 06:00 EST: Iraqi airspace has been closed to all flights for the next 48 hours to facilitate a massive blitz of Russian heavy bombers accompanied by Iranian warplanes hitting the Islamic Sate. The Russian bombers, accompanied by Iranian warplanes, are entering Iraqi airspace from southern Iran, and flying west over Anbar Province until they reach the Iraq-Saudi Arabia border and entering Syria.  That route strongly implies that the Russian heavy bombers are striking IS sites in Iraqi Anbar province as well.  The Russian heavy bombers are the biggest in the world, larger and more modern than the American B 52.

Islamic Extremism Nears Collapse in Syria Iraq

Since the Russian Syrian air campaign began on Sep 30, 2015, 80 to 90 % of air strikes have been against the Al Qaeda Al Nusrah Front and other Islamic Extremist groups in Western Syria.  Of the 10 to 20% of strikes against the Islamic State the vast majority were on IS sites in Western Syria instead of its stronghold in Eastern Syria. 

Almost two weeks ago Russia redoubled the intensity of its air campaign and began to focus strikes on the Islamic State in Eastern Syria.  Syrian forces are now advancing on all fronts across the country and the ground offensive against the Islamic State in the east of Syria and Iraq may come in weeks.

At the same time the western backed “moderate” Syrian rebels are working to establish a united organization for talks with the Assad regime to begin on Jan 8.  While the process is underway a ceasefire between Syria and a list of Syrian moderate rebels is holding. In fact the Free Syrian Army and certain others are working closely with the Russians and Syrians supplying intelligence data and attacking Islamists in the field.  In addition their primary effort has been to create a Free Syrian Army buffer zone between Syria and Turkey as a blocking force to prevent the escape of Islamists from Syria. 

In spite of American denials of cooperation with Russia, the US is also supplying Russia with intelligence and facilitating the Russian strikes in every way. 

The Kurds with US backing have also moved into the Syria Iraq border region setting up a blocking force between Syrian Raqqa and Iraqi Mosul the respective Islamic State capitols in the two nations.

The Syrian army is now in a ground offensive in Homs, Idlib and Aleppo provinces where the Islamists are beginning to crack with thousands killed and many more fleeing the fighting looking for a way to escape.

President Assad will talk to the “moderate” opposition as long as the plan to destroy the Islamic opposition is running at full speed. 

The international plan for Syria is now unfolding as follows: 

1. Intensive Russian bombing to decimate the Islamic Extremists and the Islamic State, to be accompanied by a Syrian offensive against these Islamists with the help of allies to enable Syria to liberate its provinces from Islamic extremist control,  

3. The Free Syrian Army will block the escape routes into Turkey during the Syrian offensive, allowing for the complete destruction of the Islamic Extremists,  while the Kurds block the route between Syria and Iraq, and thousands of Americans and allies secure Jordan. 

4.  Once this has been accomplished, The Russians and Syrians will turn their full attention to the Islamic State in Syria, while the US and Iraq launch an anti IS offensive inside Iraq. 

5. The complete destruction of Islamic Extremism in Syria / Iraq should be accomplished by summer 2016 if not a little earlier.    

At that point Assad will be sitting in a strong negotiating position and the “moderate” western backed rebels will be in a very weak bargaining position, especially in view of the fact that the very popular Assad would win any election by a large majority. The American backed rebels would have no hope of becoming anything more than a tiny minority in any new election. 

It would appear that Assad has won out over the American neocon plan to unseat him. 

Don’t hold you breath on that one. 

Enter Israel 

Consistent with recent history the Israeli government is stumbling from one coalition crisis to another and sooner or later the government will fall and most likely new elections will be called. 

It is also a given that sooner or later Netanyahu will launch another Gaza operation against the Hamas Military Wing, Islamic Jihad and other militant organizations in Gaza; and this time with no Islamist extremists trying it down, Hezbollah will be ready to enter the fray from the north.  

Israel will then destroy the Gaza militants as well as the Syrian Hezbollah alliance in the north, enabling a regime change in Syria. 

At the same time America and allies are prepared to destroy the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and effect regime change in that country.  Islamic Extremism will be defeated and a new regional reality will be established and a new Israeli election is highly probable with a new peace oriented Israeli government established.

These events will take a few months after which will come genuine peace negotiations and a real Mideast peace deal.

Then once Peace and Safety is declared, the deal will be sabotaged and the final 42 month Great Tribulation will begin, 1 Thes 5:3 

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