2019 Middle East War Alert

Israel and Gaza are rushing towards open warfare as Hamas seeks to generate the largest possible turnout for the planned March 29-30 Land Day demonstrations. The two rockets fired at Tel Aviv last week are now acknowledged by Israel to have been an accidental misfiring.  Nevertheless Israel used the event to stage a practice run for the now imminent war.

It is very important for Hamas to establish in peoples minds an Israeli responsibility for their predicament since certain NGOs backed by the Palestinian Authority are using the situation to stir up anti Hamas feelings in the strip. 

In the face of an organized uprising Hamas is discarding all restraint and calling for a “Million Man March,” and many thousands are likely to demonstrate against the 50% unemployment and extreme poverty caused by the Israeli blockade and express their desire to return to their lands abandoned inside Israel. 

Israel has been preparing for this war for a very long time and  for the past month Israel has been arresting every suspected Hamas linked person they can find on the West Bank.  On Friday Israel deployed all of its Iron Dome air defense systems and Israel is spending the next two weeks calling up reserves and redeploying military units from around the country to the Gaza border.   

Likud MK Yoav Kisch said at a cultural event in Petah Tikva on 16 March  “The prime minister is dealing with the security issue as if there are no elections, and if need be we’ll conquer Gaza before the elections” on April 9, Kisch added.

Now that a significant number of people in Gaza are seeking to overthrow Hamas and reestablish a relationship with the Palestinian Authority, the time has arrived for an Israeli intervention to remove Hamas so that a peace deal can be made with the Palestinian Authority.  Although for political reasons it cannot be openly stated, this conflict is an essential prerequisite for the success of the Trump Peace Initiative plan.  

According to European media, Israel’s military echelon has now approved a plan to reconquer the Strip, at least temporarily, and destroy Hamas militarily. The army believes that the need for such an operation may be imminent, as the situation in Gaza is extremely volatile. 

As this blog has been warning for the past twelve years, the takeout of the Hamas Military Wing is essential to achieve a Middle East Peace Agreement.  The status of Gaza will be decided at the coming peace talks, but the most likely end game is a return of Gaza to the Palestinian Authority and an International Stabilization Force for the strip. 

The present deployment of Syrian forces in the north of Syria for an operation against the terrorists in the Idlib region opens up a short window of opportunity for Israel to launch a massive Blitzkrieg to take out the Hamas Military Wing as quickly as possible and then rush north to fight Syria, Hezbollah and Iran. 

In two weeks the American air defense systems deployed from Europe to protect Israel from Syria, Hezbollah and Iran will complete their computer simulations and become fully operational. 


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