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Welcome to TheShiningLight, featuring daily news reports, in depth news, prophecy and doctrinal articles, and daily Bible study articles studying through every word of Holy Scripture.

This site is published in English with a mechanical translation program available for the convenience of our visitors.  Due to the limitations of mechanical translation I strongly encourage those who use the translate program to compare the translation with the English version of the articles. 

Although there are some longer articles, we endeavor to keep most of the Bible Study articles at about 3,000 words or less so that they can be easily read and understood. 

Keeping up with the Live News Blogs featuring continually updated world news and studying two of the daily chapter by chapter Bible study or doctrinal articles each day, will complete a study through the entire Bible in less than two years.

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For your convenience free downloads of entire book studies can be found at our Literature page.  Downloading these full book studies will allow visitors to study a much as they want without having to navigate from post to post at the site.  Having the studies stored in your own computer will also be useful if there should ever be a server, internet or connection failure and the website should go down.

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