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Amos 1 – 3

Link to:  Daily News   ANNOUNCEMENTS:  There will be a Part Two on the COG Calendar Issue this afternoon so as to post it ahead of the Western UCG Conference 8 – 11 Nov.   AMOS There is a major regional war coming to the Middle East which will destroy Islamic extremism and pave the way to […]

Joel 1-3

Link to:  Daily News   ANNOUNCEMENTS:  More information is coming in and a “The Plain Truth About the COG Calendar Issue: Part 2”  will be posted soon.    Joel 1 Joel begins with the tribulation and speaks of the tribulation and the glorious coming of Messiah.  Joel 1:1 The word of the LORD that came to Joel the son […]

Hosea 10 – 14

Link to:  Daily News   ANNOUNCEMENTS:  The complete combined: LINK  Daniel Revelation studies is now available for free download.  Hosea 10 Physical Israel is an example and instruction for the spiritual Israel of the New Covenant called out. Israel both physical and spiritual does not bear the spiritual fruit of godliness; instead they have used the fruit […]

Hosea 7 – 9

Link to:  Daily News     Hosea 7 Today the called out consider themselves righteous, thinking that they are God’s people and that God will not hold them accountable for what they do.  They call the Sabbath holy and then routinely pollute it, claiming that they have the right to decide for themselves what is right and […]

Hosea 4 – 6

Daily News From now on the Daily News link will go to the GodOurLight front page where the month’s daily news will be stickied to the top of that page instead of changing the news links every month.  This will make it easier for those visiting older posts to find the current month’s news and […]

The 12 Prophets Hosea 1 – 3

Daily News: Oct 2015  Breaking News:  Russian tourist plane crashes in Sinai, possibly shot down by Islamic State.   Sabbath Greetings: Watch and Be Ready Part 2 Introduction Generally, the biblical prophetic books are divided between the longer books called the Major Prophets [Isaiah – Jeremiah – Lamentations- Ezekiel and  Daniel], and the shorter books called […]

Daniel 12

Daily News: Oct 2015 ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Tomorrow’s article will prove beyond any doubt that the positions taken on the calendar by many COG groups and in the recent Jorge DeCampos presentations are pure imagination devoid of any semblance of reality and are absolutely false.  The article will prove irrefutably that using today’s Jewish Calendar rules, [by going […]

Daniel 11: Part 2

Daily News: Oct 2015 Daniel 11  Part Two Although only a few were with Antiochus Epiphanes at first, by deceit and flattery, he crept into power and prospered. He invaded Palestine and Egypt.  Rawlinson, pages 255-256, says, “Threatened with war by the ministers of Ptolemy Philometor [now king of the south (Egypt-Palestine)], who claimed Coele-Syria and Palestine as […]

Daniel 11: Part 1

Daily News: Oct 2015 Daniel 11  I will be quoting Scripture,  Rawlinson’s History and a few quotes from “The Middle East in Prophecy.”  All other comments are my own.   Daniel 11 gives us the history from the four divisions of Alexander’s empire, particularly the history of the two main divisions of Syria-Babylon and Egypt in detail, until Antiochus Epiphanes, […]

Daniel 10

Daily News: Oct 2015  A look inside the deal being negotiated to resolve the Syrian trouble and destroy Islamic Extremism.   Daniel 10 Daniel 10: Is an introduction to Daniel 11-12  Dan 10 also reveals the awesome appearance of the Cherubs of God and the humility of Daniel who sought the Eternal with all his heart. After […]

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