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John 2-3

  Two new articles in the Teach Your Children series are now up at the A Shining Light site. How to Teach God’s Word to Children Teaching Children Communication Skills John 2 The third day after Nathaniel was called, the wedding feast miracle at Cana. John 2:1 And the third day there was a marriage […]

John 1

Daily News Feb 2015  US Intelligence Director warns that the biggest threat to America is a cyber attack.  I expect that a major part of the fall of America will be in the form of cyber attacks; precipitating economic collapse, followed by a breakdown of order and security. ANNOUNCEMENTS:   The new headers are just place holders […]

News Update

Daily News Feb 2015 ANNOUNCEMENTS:  I am thinking that the header is too dark; it might be changed in the near future. News Update Benjamin Netanyahu is headed to Washington to address a joint session of congress on Iran on 3 March.   The Obama administration is pushing for an agreement with Iran by the end […]

Luke 24

Daily News Feb 2015  NEW MOON:  The next new moon day is expected to be March 22 with the sighting on the previous evening beginning the day. ANNOUNCEMENTS:   This is the last chapter of Luke.  For tomorrow I am planning a major news article and an update on the coming Spring Festivals book. Luke 24 Early […]

Luke 23

Luke 23 The priests lead Jesus to a hearing before the Roman governor. Luke 23:1 And the whole multitude of them arose, and led him unto Pilate. There they outright lie, as well as make accusations regarding their beliefs. 23:2 And they began to accuse him, saying, We found this fellow perverting the nation, and […]

Luke 22

Daily News Feb 2015  US official; ISIL war in the April / May time frame. PERSONAL:  I am making good progress on a book about the Passover and Spring Holy Days to be tentatively titled “The Biblical Spring Festivals” or something similar; with the subtitle “From Passover to Pentecost.”  The book is expected to be […]

Luke 21

Daily News Feb 2015  Syria attacking AL Nusrah Front Al Qaeda extremists in Aleppo province. Luke 21 In the example of the widow’s mite, Jesus points out that we are not to judge by the seeing of our eyes but justly according to the truth, for appearances are often deceiving. Luke 21:1 And he looked up, and saw […]

Luke 20

Daily News Feb 2015  US to send at least 10,000 troops to Iraq for spring ISIS war. Spring Holy Days:   The weather has been unusually cold in Israel this winter but is expected to begin warming next week. Today marks the beginning of the twelfth biblical month and it is questionable whether conditions necessary for […]

Luke 19

Daily News Feb 2015 NEW MOON:   The new moon was actually seen through a hole in the clouds at Jerusalem this evening . The new moon day begins at sunset this evening.  The new moon day is acknowledged as the beginning of God’s biblical months with prayer and Bible Studies. or more on the New […]

Luke 17-18

Daily News Feb 2015   UCG NEWS:  Robin Webber announces: The Council of Elders of the United Church of God meets at the home office from Feb. 22 to Feb. 26. Sunday is set apart for preliminary discussions with the administration, with Council committee meetings later in the day. Formal meetings commence on Monday of that […]

Luke 15-16

Daily News Feb 2015  Ukrainian troops routed from Debaltseve salient,  many fleeing with many surrendering in mass. Luke 15 Christ will reject those who think themselves spiritually rich and in need of nothing; and will accept the worst sort of ordinary sinners who are open to the things of God, hungering for the truth of God. […]

2015 in Prophecy

This is the second post today.  The article on Luke 13-14 is the post below. The next phase of this work is  beginning with our first book! From now on many more books on Bible Studies, Doctrine and Prophecy will be published.  Please visit the  Createspace Store to view and purchase the new book:   The […]

Luke 13-14

 Daily News Feb 2015 Luke 13 If we compromise with one point, or break any commandment, we have broken the [whole] law. ALL have sinned and ALL need to repent and turn to an intensive effort to internalize the nature of God through diligent study, continual prayerful meditation and whole hearted obedience to ALL of […]

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