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Daniel 11-12: Part 2

BREAKING NEWS:   At 6 PM local time Israel ordered all Israeli civilians to evacuate the Gaza vicinity to ease troop movements in preparation for major ground fighting. ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Three new subject bible studies posts have just been published at the site.   The Works of the Flesh: Uncleanness The Works of the Flesh: Idolatry  and   For The […]

Daniel 11-12: Part 1

Due to a networking maintenance Thursday, August 21st,  to improve our services our customers might encounter minor network related interruptions. Start time: August 21st 01:00 GMT End time: August 21st 04:30 GMT UPDATE 13:15 EDT:   Truce talks officially end.  Hamas: No more ceasefires or talks.  Netanyahu to address nation shortly after security cabinet meeting ends. […]

News and Prophecy Update

UPDATE 19:30 EDT: Early this afternoon Israel claims three rockets were fired from Gaza which was denied by Hamas.  Israel used that claim as a shield for the attempted assassination of the head of the Hamas military wing.  It is apparent that it was Israel that broke the ceasefire in order to end the long term truce talks and […]

Daniel 10

UPDATE 17:00 EDT:  Israel confirmed late Monday night, just half an hour before the end of the current ceasefire, that the ceasation of hostilities would continue for an additional 24 hours to continue ongoing talks in Cairo.  The extension is to give the Israeli cabinet time to debate the latest proposals and report back to […]

UCG CoE Conference: Day 2

BREAKING NEWS:  Iraqi government crisis over; opening the way for cooperation against the ISIS. Iraq’s Nouri al-Maliki has given up his post as prime minister to Haider al-Abadi, state television reported Thursday –The Iraqiya television network said al-Maliki has “relinquished the post of prime minister.” It did not elaborate. Afak television, al-Maliki’s private network, ran […]

LCG in Crisis?

This is an LCG News post.  I feel I need to devote more time to the Daniel 8 post and will delay that article to tomorrow.   A UCG News post is below this post.  NEWS:  The EU economies have been hit hard by sanctions on Russia, with zero growth for the last quarter. A five day truce is […]

UCG CoE May 11 Conference Report

The following is a UCG News post, published as a news item under the Fair Use Provision of the Copywrite Act.   Today’s post is below this news post.  I am posting this without comment.  I may or may not choose to make comments in the morning. United Church of God, an International Association Council of Elders […]

Daniel 7

ANNOUNCEMENTS:  I have not forgotten the requests for a post on the Sabbatical year and that is coming after Daniel is finished.  In these Daniel studies I have found that my post on Revelation 17 was in error on the point of “the eighth which is of the seven.”  After much prayer and study that article […]

Daniel 6

13:15 EDT:  Hamas Ismail Radwan: ‘This is the last ceasefire’  if Israel does not agree to our demands no holding back.   Aug. 11, the US began airlifting large quantities of military equipment, including ordnance, from Jordan and Israel to the semiautonomous KRG capital, Irbil.  American air strikes have increased substantially to heavy bombing after the […]

Daniel 5

19:15 EDT:  Troop movements across Bagdad as rumors of impending coup spread; as Iraqi president refuses to name Maliki to another term as prime minister before the midnight deadline. US calls for ouster of pm Maliki. 15:45 EDT:  Kurdish forces expelled Islamic State extremists from two northern Iraqi towns, Makhmour and Gweir. They were the […]

Daniel 4

ANNOUNCEMENTS:  I think the visits map issue has been resolved yesterday, so will give it another try.  Please remember that this does not keep up with our visit numbers.  The new map will start from scratch. NEWS:    An Egyptian court on Saturday dissolved the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), the political wing of the banned […]

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