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Ezekiel 4

Ezekiel 4 Update:  The following interesting information was sent in by a reader.  When I googled the history I came up with the colonial dates of when the settlers came to Manhattan Island and soon after began a settlement in 1625.  The island was purchased in 1626. Manhattan Island was purchased from the local native […]

Ezekiel 3

NEWS:    A few comments and the  Text of Obama Islamic State Speech  The USS Carl Vinson Carrier Strike Group (CSG) left San Diego on August 22, 014 bound for the Arabian Sea-Persian Gulf region. The Vinson CSG will join the USS Bush CSG which is currently there, providing a second carrier to handle the Islamic State situation in […]

Ezekiel 1-2

Dear Brethren, Satan has an agenda to establish a new world order through his human proxies.  Anyone who sees the march of events and understands God’s plan from the scriptures, can see these two agenda’s are moving towards a certain point where one or the other will succeed.  In due time God will stop Satan, and Satan […]

COG News

BREAKING NEWS 19:30 PDT:   OBAMA:  “The next phase is now to start going on the offensive, we are going to be a part of an international coalition, carrying out air strikes in support of work on the ground by Iraqi troops, Kurdish troops. We are going to systematically degrade their capabilities. We are going to shrink […]

Holy Days and The Plan of God

NEWS:  Kurdish forces with intensive American air support have taken a key mountain commanding the entire plain of Nineveh, killing at least 30 IS fighters.  The IS Caliphate controlled city of Mosul  is now open to a Kurdish thrust.  American planes also attacked IS sites close to Irbil as thousands of tons of military supplies are being airlifted to […]

The Great Deception: Part 3

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT:  Beginning at 08:00 Pacific Time the electric people will be replacing a power pole outside our apartment building.  We will have no power for most of the day.  That should not affect the web sites, however i will not be able to respond to any comments or messages until after power is restored. […]

The Great Deception: Part 2

NEWS:  French President, Francois Hollande, announced that the deal to sell helicopter carriers to Russia has been halted.  The first of the massive assault ships was due for delivery and the second is nearly completed and due to be delivered in 2016.  The two ships are expected to be incorporated into the French Navy.  The […]

The Great Deception: Part 1

BREAKING NEWS 10:25 EDT:   At the Tallinn Baltic summit  – President Barack Obama announced that the United States plans to fight Islamic State until it is no longer a force in the Middle East and will seek justice for the killing of American journalist Steven Sotloff.  Obama goes to Brussels for NATO summit next.  NEWS:  Ukrainian […]

The Philadelphian Attitude

16:50 EDT:  US, Europe, Middle East go on alert for 9/11 anniversary attacks. BREAKING NEWS 13:00 EDT:  New Abbas, Kerry, Livni plan to resume Israeli Palestinian Authority  peace talks coming.  Plan expected to be rejected by the hard line parties in the Israeli coalition, bringing a coalition crisis and potential cabinet shuffle or early elections for Israel.  […]

Revelation 3: Laodicea and the Latter Day Pharisees

BREAKING NEWS 16:25 EDT:  Egypt has failed to coordinate common negotiating positions between the Gaza factions and the Palestinian Authority for the coming long term truce talks with Israel; putting the talks with Israel due to begin in three weeks in jeopardy.  The Gaza militants established extensive rocket facilities in Sinai before agreeing to the present ceasefire, with […]

Revelation 2: Part 2

BREAKING NEWS 09:00 EDT:   Yesterday 44 UN soldiers were taken from their base amid reports that they were being held prisoner.   Today a statement indicated that they had been taken  to:  “the intention behind holding the peacekeepers was to remove them from an active battlefield to a safe area for their own protection.” Today Al Qaeda affiliates […]

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