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Ezekiel 48

BREAKING NEWS:  Israeli orthodox parties agree to support Netanyahu as next prime minister IF Bibi dissolves the government and called new elections as soon as possible and certain other unpublished demands are met.  There will likely be further talks to reach a solid agreement which may take some weeks. Knesset member Yaakov Litzman, a leader of the United […]

Ezekiel 47

NEWS:   Papal Address to European Parliament: Full Text    and   Papal Address to Council of Europe: Full Text   An article on THE SEVEN BLESSINGS OF REVELATION  has been posted at the A Shining Light site. Israeli president Rivlin comes out strongly against the Far Right Jewish State bill. Ezekiel 47 A river of water is to […]

Ezekiel 46

NEWS:  Papal Address to European Parliament: Full Text    and   Papal Address to Council of Europe: Full Text  The Ferguson grand jury has decided not to indict the policeman accused of murdering a black youth.  This has brought widespread demonstrations across the US.  Just imagine the extremity of riots based on accusations of unfair food distribution during any severe […]

Ezekiel 45

BREAKING NEWS 11:30 EST:  US Defense Secretary Hagel Ousted by Obama over His Objections to Syria/Iraq Offensive   As I have reported earlier Obama is preparing for a surge of American and allied forces to destroy the Islamic State.  Chuck Hagel would not sign off on the plan and has been forced to resign by the […]

Ezekiel 44

BREAKING NEWS:  The Israeli cabinet has just passed the Jewish State bill which will now be forwarded to the Knesset for first reading later this week.  All of Yesh Atid’s ministers voted against the bill because it will make 300.000 Russian immigrant Jews second class citizens; because they are not  considered Jews by the Rabbinate.  […]

Ezekiel 42 – 43

NEWS: ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Some will have noticed the new Header for the two sites.  I think this better conveys the concept of the vast harvest of lives ready to be brought into the family of God; at the resurrection to spirit when Christ comes; during the millennium; and during the Great Main Harvest of Humanity.  The other pic […]

Ezekiel 41: The Millennial Temple

ANNOUNCEMENTS:  For those curious about what I look like, I have posted a photo of myself on the Mission Statement page. NEWS:   Iraqi’s / Kurd’s begin offensive supported by heavy French and allied airstrikes near Kirkuk to drive the Islamic State from the area and  city.  Syrian forces loyal to Assad have now surrounded Aleppo except for […]

Ezekiel 40: The Millennial Temple

NEWS:   General Martin Dempsey, is easing America towards a US combat mission against the Islamic State.  The American Chief of Staff told the US House Armed Services Committee on November 13, 2014 the US is considering sending combat forces to Iraq to fight with the Iraqis. He said, “As it evolves there are certain operations that […]

Ezekiel 36; A Millennial Prophecy

NEWS:   The top US military officer, General Martin Dempsey, arrived on Saturday in Baghdad on an unannounced visit as U.S. commanders prepare to expand American assistance to Iraqi and the Kurdish forces battling the Islamic State.  General Odierno has requested thousands more troops be deployed to Iraq after the deployment of another 1,500 in January. Dempsey […]

Personal 14 Nov 2014

LCG NEWS:  Doug Winnail reported the following from the LCG Board meeting: Greetings from Charlotte, This week Dr. Meredith presided over a very profitable Council of Elders meeting. He cited progress in the Work so far this year: an 8.3 percent increase in Feast attendance (10,289) over last year, a 5 percent increase in income, […]

Ezekiel 35: Edom, Mount Seir

NEWS:  Obama’s national security team held four meetings in the past week on  how to defeat the Islamic State.   The Obama administration then discussed the Turkish allied proposal of overthrowing the Assad regime after defeating the Islamic Extremists.   US Secretary of State John Kerry is said to be in talks with Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, […]

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