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Daily News: August 2015 Tithing The first example of tithing in scripture is when Abram gave a tenth of the spoils of the ten kings to Melchisedec [the one who became Jesus Christ].  Gen 14:18   And Melchizedek king of Salem brought forth bread and wine: and he was the priest of the most high God. […]

The Millennial Priesthood of Zadok

 Daily News: August 2015 God has given a prophetic pledge of a Millennial New Covenant Temple and of the renewal of physical sacrifices, Ezekiel 40-44; and included in that prophecy was a promise that physical Levites and physical Priests from Zadok [a descendant of Levi] would be called into the New Covenant to serve as a […]

Hebrews 13

Daily News: August 2015 ANNOUNCEMENTS:    This is the last chapter of the Hebrews study, however I want to post a related article tomorrow on the Millennial physical priesthood and millennial Levites, and then on Friday a promised article on Tithing.  I intend to post a study on Jude for Sabbath and then do posts on […]

Hebrews 12

Daily News: August 2015 UPDATE 19: EDT:  Saudi – UAE; invade Yemen in strength with Egyptian support.   See Daily News for more. Hebrews 12 Let us be encouraged by the steadfast works of faith of so many others, and be diligent to reject sin and follow their example of patient works of zeal for the whole […]

Hebrews 11

Daily News: August 2015 ANNOUNCEMENTS:  There is an anti God website out there which habitually lies by taking small points out of context and spinning them to appear to mean the precise opposite of the truth.  This is not a site trying to be accurate, but a site of willful lying.  Today they posted something […]

Hebrews 10

Daily News: August 2015 AShiningLight:   Sabbath Greetings: The True Gospel! Speaking the Truth in Love   Hebrews 10 The Mosaic sacrificial law which allowed the physical high priest access to the Most Holy Place only once a year and with only physical sacrifices; could not make the people perfect before God. Heb 10:1 For the law having […]

Hebrews 9

Daily News July 2015 Hebrews 9 The physical tabernacle and temple were built according to the pattern Christ showed Moses, which was a type of the heavenly Temple.  The structural design as well as the furnishings were each typical of the heavenly Temple of God the Father and highly symbolic. Heb 9:1  Then verily the first covenant […]

Hebrews 8

Daily News July 2015 UCG NEWS:   The next scheduled COE meet is by teleconference on Aug 10-13, to be followed up by a Home Office Dec meet.  ANNOUNCEMENTS:   Our income has crashed due to the summer holidays.  Please remember to support this work during the hectic summer vacation season. Hebrews 8 Heb 8:1 Now of […]

Hebrews 7

Daily News July 2015 LCG NEWS:   LCG holds push in East Africa.   Wyatt Ciesielka reports: “We recently went on ‘Family TV’ and ‘Family Radio 316′, and already scores of inquiries and requests for literature are coming in from throughout Kenya. UCG NEWS:  2.3 Million Literature Ads to be Placed in Sunday Newspapers in 69 U.S. Cities  […]

Hebrews 6

 Daily News July 2015   Hebrews 6   Heb 6:1 Therefore leaving the principles [growing from the basics] of the doctrine of Christ, let us go on unto perfection; We are to go forward in spiritual growth from the foundation of sincere repentance, baptism, the laying on of hands and the application of the sacrifice of Christ. not laying […]

Hebrews 5

Daily News July 2015 Hebrews 5 Heb 5:1 For every high priest taken from among men is ordained for men in things pertaining to God, that he may offer both gifts and sacrifices for sins: The job of a high priest is to offer sacrifices for sins, to intercede with God for the people, to bring us […]

2015 Fall Festivals and COG News

Daily News July 2015 ANNOUNCEMENTS:   I thought that with the recent Calendar posts a mention of the Fall Festival dates and some catching up on announcements was necessary.  I plan to resume the Hebrews study tomorrow THE FEAST OF TRUMPETS The next new moon is very unlikely to be seen after sunset ending August 15, conditions would have to be perfect and […]

Hebrews 3-4

Daily News July 2015 AShiningLight:  Sabbath Greetings: Who is on the Lord’s Side? Spiritual Gifts ~ The Gift of Charity [Agape Love]     UCG NEWS:  UCG is using its Muppet wannabe to teach a false ungodly kind of love to the organizations youth.  Here is what UCG is teaching about love.  They are teaching that a […]

Hebrews 2

Daily News July 2015  Big push looms for Ramadi liberation.  US Jordan invade Anbar province.  Turkey to join anti Islamic State fight. For a refresher on the Wave Offering please visit this link:  The Wave Offering and the Count to Pentecost   Hebrews 2 If God’s judgment of sinning angels was sure, then God’s judgment of […]

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