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Ezekiel 34: The Evil Shepherds

NEWS:  A powerful Israeli clampdown on Jerusalem and the West Bank has brought calm so far today.  It is now coming out that Kerry was close to resuming his peace diplomacy and it appears that Netanyahu allowed the Israeli far right Settler Movement to provoke Palestinian unrest to further delay that eventuality.  Bibi wants to […]

Ezekiel 33: The Watchman

NEWS:   The United States has deployed a team of about 50 troops to an air base in Iraq’s fiercely contested Anbar province to lay the groundwork for an advisory mission at the core of its campaign against Islamic State militants, officials said on Monday.  Jerusalem / West Bank Uprising May Reignite Gaza War  EZEKIEL 33 […]

Ezekiel 32

BREAKING NEWS:   An Israeli soldier was stabbed and is critically injured.  In a second stabbing attack a few hours later a 26 year old Israeli girl was killed and three others injured, two seriously. NEWS:  As violence mounts and a third intifada [uprising] appears to be gathering steam, Israel is deploying troops, barricades and road blocks […]

Ezekiel 30-31: Egypt Corrected for Her Pride in The Tribulation / Day of The LORD

BREAKING NEWS:  In yesterday’s bombing attack numerous Islamic State leaders were killed and many wounded; and the leader of the Islamic State (aka ISIS), Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, was “critically wounded” when a U.S.-led air strike targeted the western Iraqi border town of al-Qaim   Islamic State Leader Critically Wounded  NEWS:  US lawmakers are urging that the […]

Ezekiel 26 A Prophecy of Tyre

NEWS:   Iraqi military forces, along with some key Shi’ite militias, are building up forces in and around the central Iraqi town of Baiji, with an eye on an offensive against the Baiji Refinery, the largest in the nation.  The refinery’s territory is by and large controlled by ISIS for months, though the small control house […]

Ezekiel 25

BREAKING NEWS:   A spontaneous “terror attack” has taken place in Jerusalem due to an Israeli attack on the Temple mount.  In response to the Israeli attack, a Hamas associated man drove his car into a group of Border Police who were supporting the attack on the Mount.  Even though this was obviously spontaneous rage, Hamas is claiming […]

Ezekiel 24

SPRING HOLY DAYS:  Of course we will confirm this by actual observation but the New Year New Moon day is almost certain to be March 22nd, making Passover to begin at sunset ending April third and Passover day the fourth of April.  The first High Day will be April 5th and the last High Day […]

Ezekiel 23

This post reveals exactly what is going on in Syria and Iraq, Israel and Gaza; and how Islamic extremists are being destroyed to bring a genuine Peace and Safety deal as per 1 Thess 5:3. in 2016.   The Plan to Destroy Islamic Extremists and Overthrow Assad and Iran  SITE STATS:  There was a very large drop […]

Ezekiel 22

PRAYER REQUEST UPDATE:   Right after the Feast one of our sisters in the faith was told by her employer unofficially, that because another Sabbath “keeping” person had no trouble with working on Sabbath she would also have to start working on Sabbath.  This caused her great distress as her husband is handicapped and she is […]

COG 2014 Feast News

NEWS:   Obama’s promise of “no boots on the ground” in Syria / Iraq was made on concerns over the US midterm congressional elections.  Early voting indications.   Tunnel under Istanbul’s Bosporus to be opened by end 2016.   Russia / Ukraine seal deal on this winters Russian gas supply. COG 2014 Feast News There are some very deeply […]

30 Oct 2014 Personal

NEWS:  Rabbi Yehuda Glick, a prominent right-wing activist, was shot at point blank range during a highly inflammatory speech outside the Menachem Begin Heritage Center in Jerusalem on Wednesday night. He is in hospital in stable condition. A SWAT Team then killed the suspected assailant at his home.  There has been serious unrest in Jerusalem […]

Ezekiel 21

NEXT NEW MOON:  The first light of the new moon should be easily visible at Jerusalem at sunset ending 23 November, thus making 24 Nov the first day of the ninth biblical month. ANNOUNCEMENTS:  In British Columbia Daylight Savings Time ends early Sunday morning Nov 2.  Please check your own area information. Tomorrow I hope […]

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