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Jesus Christ: Divider Corrector

UPDATE 16:40 EST:   Syria shoots down Israeli drone outside the southern Syrian town of Deraa. BREAKING NEWS 14:15 EST:  Israel has carried out at least ten air attacks on two areas of Syria.  Some bombings were on advanced weapons, and other air strikes were to help the American / Jordanian trained southern insurgents from being defeated […]

News and Announcements

NEWS:   Yemen authorities confirmed Saturday that ISIS had executed another American hostage, the British-born photojournalist Luke Somers, held for nearly a year. This week, Al Qaeda in the Arabia Peninsula (AQAP) threatened to kill Somers if its demands were not met. At the start of today’s US Special Operations rescue action in coordination with Yemeni […]

The Beginning of the Sacrificial System

NEWS:  White House to announce Ashton Carter for Secretary of Defense at 15:00 EST today. Israeli peace parties negotiating forming coalition for election.  Shaul Mofaz Kadima leader is set to join Labor.   Meanwhile opposition to Netanyahu is developing in Likud itself.  Top Likud people are now supporting Gideon Sa’ar to challenge Netanyahu for Likud […]

Personal, UCG Chairman’s Letter and Prophecy Update

SITE STATS:  Visits for Nov 2014:    79,854  PERSONAL:  I apologize for delaying the series on the Glory of the Creator once again. Today’s post is a response to yesterday’s UCG Chairman’s letter, a personal message and the overall prophetic situation. NEWS:   President Barack Obama and his White House National Security team headed by Suzan Rice […]

Unfolding Prophetic Events

BREAKING NEWS 06:45 EST:  Israel Knesset passes first reading of bill dissolving itself and setting new elections for March 17. NEWS: America is hiring thousands of mercenaries to fight the anti Islamic State war.     Training and equipping foreign forces in Syria is a key component of the administration’s plan to defeat ISIS, and signs already point to a […]

Israel Headed to Elections, as Events Converging to Fulfill 1 Thess 5:3

UPDATE 15:50 EST:  Party heads will meet tomorrow to discuss an election date.  Officials at the Prime Minister’s Office said they were considering holding elections on either the 10th, 17th, or 27th of March. Netanyahu will offer those dates tomorrow at a meeting with the party chiefs at Knesset Chairman Yuli Edelstein’s office.  UPDATE 14:45 EST:  Israeli […]

Jesus Christ: Lord of the Sabbath

BREAKING NEWS 13:30 EST:  Israeli Coalition in State of Collapse  UPDATE:   Wilson forced to resign, under investigation by Feds.  Ferguson Police procedures under investigation by Feds. Fergusson Grand Jury may face action for failing to follow proper procedures mandated by law.  See   Ferguson Grand Jury Hearing Details for update. NEWS:   On Friday the Ferguson Grand Jury released […]

Jesus Christ the Creator

BREAKING NEWS:  The Jewish State bill will be discussed in cabinet tomorrow and will be presented for the first reading and vote in the Knesset on Wednesday.  Netanyahu is using the bill to gain support from the Far Right and the Orthodox and bring on early elections.  NEWS:  Pope Frances now visiting Turkey and holding […]

Symbols of the Tribes of Israel

BREAKING NEWS:   Major General Gadi Eizenkot will be appointed as Israel’s next Chief of Staff of the IDF, replacing Benny Gantz in February.   ANNOUNCEMENTS:   We have now booked a venue for the 2015 Feast of Tabernacles in Medford Oregon.  Interested persons should contact Constance at  More complete information will be announced early next year.  The […]

Ezekiel 48

BREAKING NEWS:  Israeli orthodox parties agree to support Netanyahu as next prime minister IF Bibi dissolves the government and called new elections as soon as possible and certain other unpublished demands are met.  There will likely be further talks to reach a solid agreement which may take some weeks. Knesset member Yaakov Litzman, a leader of the United […]

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