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Nehemiah 1-2

BREAKING NEWS 15:45 EDT:  Israel to invade Gaza early next week.  Israel Orders Pre-invasion Evacuation of Northern Gaza  NEWS:  The Gaza war has settled into a routine of rockets and air strikes.  Regular updates are continuing today here:  Operation “Protective Edge” Updates  Information from Israel will be sketchy until after Sabbath local time. The United States […]


NEWS:   Regular updates are continuing today here:  Operation “Protective Edge” Updates  Limited rocket fire is  beginning from Lebanon as Hezbollah tries to warn Israel off from invading Gaza. ANNOUNCEMENTS:   Please visit the Feast of Tabernacles page.  We have a deadline date for the present hall rental of early Aug; and must have enough attending to […]

Ezra 9-10

NEWS:   Regular updates are continuing today here:  Operation “Protective Edge” Updates  Sunni to Join New Iraq Government, Split from ISIS; Islamic Extremism in Iraq/Syria Faces Eradication  A few days ago the Nigerian army launched an offensive against the Boco Haram backed by US special forces and drones.  One site was attacked and over 50 Islamic […]

Ezra 7-8

NEWS:   Maliki on the Way Out, For National Unity Governmnett in Iraq. Sunni to turn and rend ISIS.  Regular updates are continuing today here:  Operation “Protective Edge” Updates Israel is continuing its Jerusalem West Bank crack down. Israel struck 300 Gaza sites yesterday and another 150 overnight  Gaza militants are now firing rockets on Tel […]

Ezra 5-6

NEWS:  Tide About to Turn on ISIS  in Iraq.  Post updated at 10:30 EDT. Updates on Gaza Operation “Protective Edge” will be made through today at this article.  Operation “Protective Edge” Updates  Latest update: Israel has called up 40-45,000 reserves for Gaza invasion. EZRA 5 Here enters the prophets Haggai and Zechariah.  the people had been discouraged […]

Seventh Anniversary Post

BREAKING NEWS 19:00 EDT:  The long expected Israeli war on Gaza has begun.  IDF Begins Intensive Airstrikes on Gaza: “Operation Protective Edge”   Today’s timeline of events leading up to “Operation Protective Edge.” Gaza Front Explodes PERSONAL:  Brethren I cannot say whether the present situation will develop into the regional war that I have been warning of; […]

Ezra 3-4

UPDATE 18:12 EDT:  Two members of Islamic Jihad were killed in an Israeli air strike.  The two were identified as Mazen al-Hadba and Marwan Salim. UPDATE 13:30 EDT:   The cabinet has ordered the IDF to continue raising its preparedness [build up more strength] for a Gaza Invasion, as Israel seeks to calm the riots over […]

Ezra 1-2

UPDATE 18:30 EDT:   The Israel ultimatum expired about an hour and a half ago and no ceasefire has been agreed.   Tomorrow the Israeli cabinet will meet and discuss approving a powerful Gaza Operation.  A very powerful and destructive bloody campaign is expected to take three to six weeks to exterminate the militants in Gaza. UPDATE 15:20 EDT:   A volley […]

2 Chronicles 35-36

The Glorious Living Newsletter has gone out.  Today’s topic is physical-spiritual adultery.  For your free subscription send your request to Constance at   Visit the links page on this site for access to the Glorious Living Newsletter archive.  Don’t forget to visit the Feast of Tabernacles post at the top of this page. BREAKING NEWS […]

2 Chronicles 33-34

Update 15:16 EDT:  Israel Gives Hamas Midnight Saturday Ultimatum UPDATE 14:30 EDT:  Gaza pounded southern Israel on Thursday evening with a barrage of 20 rockets and mortar shells in one hour.  As a result of a mortar shell fired on the Eshkol Regional Council, a soldier was lightly wounded.  Israelis near Gaza have been ordered […]

2 Chronicles 30-32

BREAKING NEWS 21:00 EDT:  Israel Air Force (IAF) aircraft targeted 15  sites in Gaza on Thursday morning after a rocket landed on an apartment building in Sderot close to 1 AM.  According to the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit, the airstrikes targeted concealed rocket launchers, training compounds and weapons storage sites, all of which belong to Hamas. UPDATE 15:00 EDT:  Israel […]

2 Chronicles 29

 News:     Israel Hamas Prepare for War: 34 Hamas Sites Bombed Last Night  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is scheduled to deliver a brief statement on Monday at 8:30 p.m. [13:30 EDT] in Tel Aviv before convening the security cabinet.   . Heavy fighting resumed in eastern Ukraine early Tuesday, including Ukrainian artillery shelling of the rebel-controlled city of […]

2 Chronicles 26-28

UPDATE 15:50 ET:  Israel Is set for war after the funeral.    The cabinet meeting was called to determine how Hamas will pay. Every leader, including the prime minister, defense minister and chief of staff vowed during the search for the boys that if they were harmed, the punishment meted out by Israel against Hamas […]

2 Chronicles 24-25

NEW MOON:  The new moon as expected, was NOT seen at sunset Saturday evening; therefore sunset Sunday will begin the new moon day and the fourth biblical month.   The new moon is confirmed as seen this evening. We welcome the new month with the Shofar  and a special family Bible Study.  For more on the biblically commanded […]

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