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  Daily News May 2015 I hope to complete First Corinthians and then do a few posts on the Holy Spirit as we approach Pentecost. The Newsletter will continue studies into the “Gifts of the Spirit” which are expected to last for some weeks yet.  To receive your free subscription please write to Constance at […]

Romans 15-16

Daily News May 2015 Romans 15 This post concludes the Book of Romans.  We have been studying this book two chapters at a time and I will be putting these chapter studies together into a study of the entire Book of Romans for an overview of the whole letter. We are instructed to help those younger or […]

Romans 13-14

Daily News May 2015   Romans 13 Romans 13:1 Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: The highest power being God himself; therefore always put God first and obey others only as their teachings, laws, rulings and commands do not conflict with God’s word. 13:2 Whosoever […]

Romans 11-12

ANNOUNCEMENTS:   Today is the fourth Sabbath after the Wave Offering; Pentecost is 31 May.  The next New Moon is expected to start after sunset ending May 19, making the New Moon day beginning the third biblical month: 20 May. News posts at A Shining Light.  These are extracts from our newsletter. Constance does most of the newsletter writing […]

Romans 9-10

Daily News May 2015   Cameron wins majority government giving him the power to achieve his goal of leaving the EU after a promised “In-Out” referendum is held.  According to the polls the British public are overwhelmingly in favor of leaving the EU UCG NEWS: eNews from Ministerial and Member Services  May 7, 2015         […]

COG News

  This is the second post today Daily News May 2015 UCG NEWS Victor Kubik posted a group picture on Facebook of the new COE….Bob Dick replaces Roc Corbett (who is moving to replace Rex Sexton in Tacoma/Olympia/Sequim, WA area);  Carmelo Anastasi is being replaced (I believe) by Anthony Wasilkoff (UCG Canada). Everyone else carries […]

Romans 8

Daily News May 2015 Romans 8 Paul now gives the solution for Israel’s inability to keep the law of the Mosaic Covenant.  The Mosaic Covenant without the Holy Spirit is a representation of man trying to achieve godliness by his own efforts and strength.  The Mosaic Covenant explained the need for the power of God dwelling in us to […]

Romans 7

Daily News May 2015 Romans 7 This post has been revised at 10:00 EDT. Many have falsely used Romans 7 to justify sin. In Romans 7 Paul explains to the Jews in Rome the weakness of the Mosaic Covenant and why a New Covenant and the Holy Spirit is needed to please God.   Romans 8 then […]

Romans 6

Daily News May 2015 PERSONAL:   Yesterday I was asked for the Larry Walker audio in which he said that doctrine was not important.  Many other wrong minded elders have been pushing this folly since then [2013].  Biblical Doctrine is the beliefs and teachings of scripture; which bring unity with God!  if that is not important […]

Romans 5

Daily News May 2015  Real US sanctions goal is control of Iranian oil industry. Romans 5 It is understood that every babe falls a few times in learning to walk, but when we fall spiritually; do we repent and get up to go forward like a babe? or do we justify our sins and continue in […]

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