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The Night to be Much Observed Service

Daily News April 2015 LCG NEWS:  Fitzroy Greeman, Area Pastor for Barbados, Trinidad, Guyana and Brazil, has died of kidney disease, aged 64. Douglas Winnail will be attending the funeral, in North Trinidad on Tuesday, April 7. This article is for Sunday night at sunset which begins the first High Holy Day of the Feast of Unleavened […]

The Biblical New Covenant Passover Service

Daily News April 2015 ANNOUNCEMENTS:   There will be no post tomorrow.  I will be doing a cleaning blitz, baking ulb and preparing to observe Passover, which is after sunset Saturday evening.  Posting will resume with Passover material on Sabbath.  Those who have printers are strongly encouraged to use Print Friendly to print out this service and […]

The Passover Psalms

Daily News April 2015 Today’s post is an extract from our book “The Biblical Spring Festivals:  From Passover to Pentecost”  For information on the book please visit the Books Page   We all know that the last Passover of Christ ended with a Psalm; how many brethren or even elders know exactly what Psalm?  How […]

Mark 15-16

Daily News March 2015 Mark 15 After Jesus had claimed to be Messiah, the priests bound him and took him to the governor. Mark 15:1 And straightway in the morning the chief priests held a consultation with the elders and scribes and the whole council [Sanhedrin; the Seventy] , and bound Jesus, and carried him […]

Mark 13-14

Daily News March 2015 ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Tomorrow I expect to complete Mark, then through the week I plan to post Passover material which will explain the proper order of the Passover and the Passover psalms sung at the last Passover of Christ.  Probably Thursday I plan to post the New Covenant Passover service to allow time for […]

Mark 11-12

Daily News March 2015 Prayer Request:   Our dear sister Joyce is suffering with congestive heart issues.  Your prayers for her are gratefully appreciated. MARK 11 The entry of Christ into Jerusalem before the Passover This was a fore-type of an even greater entry into Jerusalem when Christ comes WITH his saints to deliver all Israel […]

Mark 9-10

Daily News March 2015  Congress begins two week vacation before finalizing budget which contains 96 billion for Afghanistan and Iraq [ISIL] war.  Mark 9 The light of God’s spirit, and the salt of zeal for God and his commandments. Cast off our lukewarmness for the practical application of the commandments, and be salted with zeal […]

Mark 7-8

Daily News March 2015  Tikrit battle resumes.  Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan  and Gulf States attack Yemeni tribes. Israeli Likud coalition building; in a state of collapse on the first day Mark 7 The traditions of men versus the commandments of God Mark 7:1 Then came together unto him the Pharisees, and certain of the scribes, […]

Mark 5-6

Daily News March 2015   Breaking 17:00 EDT:  Iraq resumes Tikrit offensive with US aerial backing. ANNOUNCEMENTS:  I spoke with Constance yesterday and she has not been well.  Your prayers are requested for her health. Mark 5 Mark 5:1 And they came over unto the other side of the sea, into the country of the Gadarenes. […]

Unleavened Bread Recipe

This is a Special Passover article.  Today’s Post is below this article. Unleavened Bread Recipe The Passover lamb is well known and will be covered elsewhere. We cannot sacrifice the Passover lamb today because there is no Temple in this dispensation.  All sacrifices MUST be sacrificed at the Temple by God’s command. The wine representing blood, should […]

Mark 3-4

 Daily News March 2015 Mark 3 It is not a certainty that this was in Capernaum, since in Capernaum they were used to him healing on the Sabbath. Rather this appears to be somewhat later in Jerusalem, and that Yeshua was here breaking with the doctors of the law who had formerly been his teachers. […]

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