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Feast of Trumpets Message

UPDATE 12:15 EDT:   President Tayyip Erdogan on Saturday offered Turkish troops to help set up a secure zone in Syria, if there was international agreement on such an intervention.  A resolution to fight the extremists by all necessary means has already been approved unanimously by the UNSC.  This appears to be part of a larger plan established […]

America / Egypt Reconcile to Form King of the South / Feast of Tabernacles

UCG NEWS:  UCG Ministerial newsletter requests that:    Your prayers are requested for Malcolm Murray, pastor of the congregations in Flint, Saginaw, Traverse City and Petoskey, Michigan. While visiting a church member at the hospital on Tuesday, he collapsed from a heart attack. Open heart surgery for a double bypass was performed early Wednesday morning, […]

Seventh Month New Moon Report

The first visible light of the new moon was NOT seen by any observers this evening.  Although the likelihood of visibility was very slim it was necessary to conduct the observation anyway, in order to be absolutely and totally faithful to check out even the slightest possibility. The first possible visible light of the new moon will be easily seen […]

Ezekiel 14-15

The Feast of Trumpets:  Sunset this evening brings the Rabbinic Rosh Hashanah.  The Rabbins openly admit that their calendar is NOT BIBLICAL and is contrary to scripture.  Herbert Armstrong was deceived into using the Rabbinic Calendar when he was  falsely assured that it went by the first visible light of the new moon at Jerusalem, […]

Ezekiel 13

UPDATE 10:30 EDT:  US military public briefing at 11:00 EDT.  The Islamic State is  launching a major offensive against the Kurds which may have been the real reason for the Coalition airstrikes. UPDATE 07:00 EDT:  A massive Shock and Awe bombing campaign against all Islamic militant groups in Syria is continuing.  The American military has […]

Ezekiel 12; and LCG News

NEWS:  Mideast envoy Robert Serry is liaising with PA and Israel to bring up to 500 UN monitors into Gaza to supervise rebuilding work, safeguard materials. Hamas has yet to comment on the proposal, which would be a part of the long term truce talks..  Gaza Israeli long term peace talks to begin tomorrow then […]

Exekiel 10-11

NEWS: President Obama will chair a UN Security Council session on 24 Sep.  He will justify his decision to destroy the Islamic State and present a Resolution for approval making it obligatory for all countries to take action against Islamic Extremist fighters, to prevent their travel and to stop suspects.  Presently there are about 12,000 foreign […]

Ezekiel 8-9

NEWS:   The Philippine military said Friday the bulk of Filipino peacekeepers have pulled out two weeks early from the UN mission in the Golan Heights due to escalating fighting in the region.  244 Filipino soldiers and support staff will arrive in Manila on a UN-chartered plane on Friday,   A smaller batch of 85 soldiers will […]

Internet Feast of Tabernacles

.NEWS:   Indirect negotiations between a joint Palestinian delegation and Israel for a long-term ceasefire between Gaza and Israel will begin within the next week in Cairo, said senior Hamas official Moussa Abu Marzouq; adding that he is waiting for a phone call from the head of the Fatah delegation in Cairo, Azzam al-Ahmad, to set […]

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