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POST UPDATE 19:00 EDT:  on Bob Thiel: 

Robert Thiel has  responded in his News of the Living Church of God on Sept. 8th.

(In his previous two entries, he writes about discussions over various doctrinal matters with LCG’s third in command, Douglas Winnail, who was sufficiently concerned about Thiel’s influence with LCG members to fly out in August for a two day meeting with him.)

In spite of that conference and other warnings, Catholic Bob unbelievably claims he did not know there were any issues regarding his publications.

THIEL WRITES:   Sabbath 09/08/12 p.m: “Attached to the Weekly Update from  the Living Church of God, Charlotte (LCG), that is being read today in congregations throughout the world, was a letter from Dr. Meredith related to me, the Barack Obama, Prophecy, and the Destruction of the United States book, etc.   FWIW, I was unaware of any LCG concerns about this book prior to seeing Dr. Roderick C. Meredith’s letter, so this has come as somewhat a surprise.”

One cannt imagine Rod writing a letter to be read before all congregations without first having someone consult with Bob. 

Very obviously by not acknowledging that he was not in sync with LCG and by resisting the correction and sharp public rebuke, and trying to justify himself by accusing  Rod of going to the Assembly without going to him first [the evidence indicates  this accusation is false as there were several attempts to correct Bob's false teachings] Bob is not  submitting to the authority in LCG, and has chosen to conflict with the LCG.

If Bob does not humble himself and back off from his heresies and abrasive assault on everyone that does not agree with him, refusing to take correction from anyone; his days in LCG are almost over.  Rod Meredith is not a patient man about such issues. 

COGWA  LCG NEWS:   There have been ongoing talks between COGWA and LCG concerning areas of mutual benefit and how they can cooperate and work together to accomplish more.

Jim Franks was in Charlotte for a stopover on Monday, 27 Aug, on his way to Asia; and on 30 Aug, Rod Meredith briefed his CoE.

On Sep 5 Jim Franks posted a Member Letter using the Feast and his trip as a cover,  the letter focused on how even worldly enemies can come later together and begin cooperating with each other.  His letter was about the change in the situation from the 40′s to the present between the US and Japan.

This member letter was a rather obvious attempt to prepare people for changes in the future.  Jim asks:  ”Can this Feast be a turning point for each of us? When I think about the history of Asia and World War II, I marvel at how much things have changed. I hope we can look at our own history and say that we have also changed—from what we were when God called us to a group of people well-grounded in godly principles.”

Personally I would applaud any kind of cooperating between COG groups; most especially if it included a greater zeal for the practical application of God’s commandments!  It would be a real shame if this fell through.

My concern is that they are motivated by old friendships, practical necessities and mutual traditions; rather than any zeal for the practical application of God’s commandments in their lives and organizations.  One thing these groups are not, is well grounded in godly principles.

This concern comes from communications with men near the top in both organizations and from many reports of persecution of the zealous by both groups.

Remember; one of the motivating factors for the COGWA split was a desire on the part of Franks / Kilough to work together with LCG; which was rejected by the men now leading UCG.

Bob Thiel Gets His Come-uppence

Bob Thiel has published a new book full of more speculation, this time about President Obama.  This is his third book after the 2012 prophecy heresy, and the Catholic Fatima visions book,  and now the  Obama book.

Bob appears to be a closet Catholic who does all he can to inject Catholic speculation and  ideas into the LCG.  For example, even convincing some in LCG that there will be 3 1/2 years between a declaration of the achievement of peace and the onset of the tribulation.  This fallacy is NOT taught by any other COG Group or writer, and it is even questionable if Rod Meredith agrees with this error.  It was certainly NOT an HWA teaching, and it is NOT a COGWA teaching.

Although Bob presents himself to the LCG as a man loyal to LCG,  I have heard from people surrounding Rod Meredith that Bob is barely tolerated by its leadership.

In LCG Bob presents himself as a faithful LCG COG man and in public he presents himself as a faithful Roman Catholic.  The many heresies he teaches and his continual quotes from Catholic and other pagan sources, to back himself up; makes it very clear where he is coming from and what spirit he is of.

Here is his autobio that he gave to Amazon, Notice that he mentions being raised Catholic and says nothing about the COG!

Bob Thiel was raised in Michigan into a Catholic family and moved to California in 1976. His first book was published in 1994. Dr. Thiel is a one of the world’s foremost authorities on prophecy writings, a published Ph.D. and a highly regarded researcher with multiple research awards to his credit. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of LaVerne, a Master’s degree from the University of Southern California, and a Ph.D. from the Union Institute and University. Throughout his academic and professional career he has studied philosophy, religion, science, and prophecy; in recent years, has had scores of articles published on these subjects in magazines, newspapers, religious publications, and scientific journals. Married to his wife Joyce since 1981, the two have made multiple trips to ancient sites around the world including Asia Minor, Mayan sites, Vatican City, Patmos, Constantinople/Istanbul, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and the South Pacific.

This biography was provided by the author or their representative.

Bob is certainly humble about himself!

Now Bob has gone too far, and may soon be on the way out, as Rod Meredith has found it necessary to warn LCG concerning Bob and issue an obvious public rebuke to Bob.  While sugar coating it by saying that Bob is loved; with one stroke Rod Meredith has made questionable ALL of Bob’s material, and destroyed the small amount of credibility that Bob Thiel had.  Of course any godly person would already know that Bob is NOT godly in his writings.

I have highlighted some points which make it plain that ALL of Thiel’s writings are suspect.

From the Presiding Evangelist  

Dear Fellow Servants of Christ,   An important matter has just come that I want to alert all of you faithful servants of Christ about. It involves Dr. Robert Thiel. While Dr. Thiel has declared himself to be a loyal member of the Living Church of God and has helped us in many ways with interesting ideas, suggestions and personal help, we do feel it is important for all of you to know that he is not our official “spokesman” in any way. He has written a number of things with which we do not agree.

Dr. Thiel has just published a highly speculative book about President Obama much of which we do not agree with. So it is important that all of you realize that—although I love [not from what I have been told by Rod's closest friends] Dr. Thiel personally—it is vital that each of you brethren check out carefully and prove to yourself whether any of his writings are valid if you read them.

Although he has not stated it as such, some of our brethren may have assumed that Dr. Robert Thiel is an “official” spokesman for the Church on many matters. We want you to fully understand that this is not so. He is not in our employ, nor does he officially represent us in any way. So although we continue to wish him well, we do want everyone to know that when it comes to some of his unusual writings or concepts, they must stand on their own and not be represented as something from the Living Church of God.

If you have questions about this matter, please counsel with your own local faithful Living Church of God minister.   In these difficult times, let us all be careful to “prove all things” and be sure where we stand before God. Also, we certainly want to love and forgive one another and keep working together in every way we can to accomplish the great mission Christ has set before us. Thank you for your understanding, your prayers and your loyalty.

With Christian love,   Roderick C. Meredith

As far as LCG not paying Bob, that is not entirely true;   Bob’s expensive trips paying are underwritten for him with expenses paid.  That according to Bob’s own admission.

“Nor do I receive any money from any church for this work (though I do sometimes accept reimbursements for travel, etc.).”

In fact Bob was set up by Larry Salyer under Rod’s direction in Global and later followed Rod into LCG.  Bob is presented as unofficial but is used to sayimg things that the LCG Hierarchy would not dare to say themselves.

Now Bob is being moved into the background, possibly as a part of the new reconciliation direction taken by LCG and COGWA.

Rod Meredith has told all of LCG not to believe anything that COGWRITER says without diligently checking up on him.  That should also refer to the use of innuendo, twisted half  truths [often far less than half a truth]  and decption in regards to those who do not agree with him.

Who is COGWRITER, in Bob’s own words.

This correction of Bob at this time is very interesting, considering the movement between LCG and COGWA.  Bob is much disliked within the LCG clergy, and very strongly disliked for his nasty attitude in attacking anyone that does not agree with him, especially in those organizations outside LCG.

That attiude is no longer accetable in the unfolding of a cooperative agreement between COGWA and LCG.



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