BREAKING NEWS:   In a giant bombshell which is rocking Israeli politics early elections have been cancelled and the governing coalition has been changed without the need for elections.

Suddenly Likud and Kadima have announced that Kadima will join the coalition with Likud forging a new government .  Kadima leader Mofaz has been named deputy prime minister and they are pledged to work towards universal national service enraging the far right. 

This means that Kadima, Likud and Yisrael Beiteinu can provide a stable government without the far right and engage in real peace talks almost immediately.

New Israeli government without elections; opens the way for honest peace talks

TOMORROW’S NEWS: TODAY!:  Yesterday was a big news day.   Please scroll down to yesterday’s post and check to see if you missed any of the links posted throughout the day.

Knesset dissolution bill approved for first reading: Far right begins to bolt Likud

WORLD NEWS:   Austerity parties lose majority in Greece.

Merkel insists that the Euro Treaty will not be renegotiated as Hollande insists that it must be.

Merkel facing loss of fourth German state next Sunday, as her governing coalitions shakes.

The Cameron coalition endured sweeping losses in local elections across Britain last week.

Insurgents do their best, with multiple attacks, to disrupt today’s Syrian elections.

LCG NEWS:  Douglas Winnail writes (May 3) of “the unity and dedication that was clearly evident among everyone who gathered in Charlotte this week” (for the Ministerial Conference). However, he also comments that those in the church “who let go of or reject the Truth, then embrace misguided ideas generated by human reason—reap serious consequences (Romans 1:18-32).”

I suggest that you look up that scripture, which is quite a condemnation of LCG and it’s organizational  idolatry.  Doug seems to have a real habit of misquoting, twisting or misapplying scripture.

Of course he regards his traditions as the truth even though many of them are contrary to scripture.  This Blog is beginning to have an impact on LCG as well as the other COG Groups.

If only they had as much zeal for God’s commandments as they do for their traditions.

UCG NEWS:   This is the first of several posts on the situation inside UCG and their agenda to mainstream the organization.

Look on the Right side of this page under New Sermons for last Sabbath’s sermons by Bill  Eddington and Roy Holladay

A WARNING TO THE FAITHFUL:   Bill went on and on about a goal being unity between the brethren and I understand that there will be a witch hunt for people not with the program coming very soon.  They do NOT want anyone not with their program to possibly say anything to any of the new KGS responders.

UCG leaders have been calling me a false witness for almost two years as they claimed that they were not changing any doctrine and were not going to.  On Sabbath Bill Eddington came right out and admitted that they were reassessing the teachings of the Armstrong WCG to learn from the mistakes of the past with a view to correcting them.

You can be sure that they are NOT going to become more zealous for God and his commandments; they are doing the exact same thing that they did in supporting Joe T.  Correcting zeal for God’s commandments and making Grace a license to tolerate sin in the name of gentleness, patience, false love, understanding and organizational peace and unity.

This is a Joe T magnitude bombshell.

Bill Eddington was obviously extremely  nervous and stressed  as he tried to put the new apostate agenda  over on the UCG brethren; and he collapsed and fainted right after the sermon and was rushed to hospital by ambulance.

He would not have been so stressed if he was comfortable with what he was doing as he is an elder of long experience.  Perhaps he was convicted by his conscience.  We should all pray for him that he is able to work through this and reconcile with God.

The sermon is a clear admission that they are now changing what remains of doctrine from the HWA WCG.

They have also clearly admitted that they have changed the spirit [attitude and focus] of the brethren over the past year.  That change of attitude and focus was the preparation phase for the new teachings.

There is now no doubt that they are in the doctrine changing business as they set a new direction for UCG.

I was correct in my warnings and they were lying to the brethren as they changed the attitude and spirit of the brethren to accept these coming changes.

Tomorrow I plan to do a point by point analysis of the Eddington speach.   I will also be doing major posts on these changes over the coming days.

Today’s post reveals the double talk and smoke and mirrors, these folks have used to deceive the brethren and change the focus and spirit within the organization over the past year.

A WARNING TO THE FAITHFUL:   Bill went on and on about unity among the brethren and I understand that there will be a witch hunt for people not with the program coming very soon.  They do NOT want anyone not with their program to possibly say anything to any of the new KGS responders.


The Plain Truth About UCG’s Doctrinal Committee

With the grand title of Doctrinal Committee one might expect that this was a Committee dedicated to the open minded  study of scripture with the biblically commanded intent of proving all things and holding fast what is proven good from God’s word. ` 1 Thess 5:20.

Very sadly that is NOT the case.

The DC Chairman Robert Berendt has informed me that the DC has two main purposes:

1)  To review all potential doctrinal material to determine its consistency with established UCG doctrine, with a view to protecting established UCG doctrine, and

2)  To answer questions about the established doctrine, making clarifications through further explanations of established UCG doctrine.

To make this very clear;  the UCG Doctrinal Committee is not about searching the scriptures with an open mind to discover and prove the truth of God:  The function of the CG DC is to “Protect the Established doctrine of UCG”.

The result of this mandate is that they search the scriptures with  preconceived notions, looking for ways to prove themselves correct; instead of looking for TRUTH and being willing to make changes required as they grow in knowledge.

UCG, COGWA and the other major Groups cling to the HWA positions established after the changes subsequent to the Ernest Martin split in 1974, and because of this mandate to protect the doctrine of UCG [which is merely their list of fundamental beliefs and traditional positions] there has been NO spiritual growth since the mid 1970′s.

There is only a clinging to past traditions, regardless of whether they are consistent with scripture or not.  It is for this reason [of protecting tradition]  that they throw out Nehemiah when referencing keeping the Sabbath Holy;  Neh just does not agree with their preconceived notions and established traditions.  They will gladly say that portions of the Bible do not apply to them, rather than turn from those traditions that make the law of God of no effect.

As Christ said in Rev 3, they think that they have need of nothing, they even reject the holy scriptures if the scriptures do not agree with their traditions.

Consider how they PROVED that the Last Great Day was the seventh day of Tabernacles and then concluded that they would consider it synonymous with the Eighth Day anyway, because that was their tradition.

Consider why they cling to an apostate  Rabbinic Calendar that is well known to be formulated from the third to the twelfth centuries AD and was not the calendar of Jesus Christ.

Consider why they KNOW that the New Moon is to be observed and they will not do it, using the excuse that they do not know how; when God clearly commands that we worship HIM on the new moons.  How do we worship God on the Sabbath, High days or at our Bible studies?   Why we gather together to learn of him!  If we are going to have a Bible study at least once a month anyway; is it so difficult to schedule one on the new Moon?  This is simply about a rebellious attitude towards God and his Word:  “We do not care what God says, we will not do anything other than our traditions”.

The clear rejection of God’s Word for their traditions which makes the Word of Almighty God of no effect is absolutely blatant and has produced a situation where these groups have rejected the knowledge of God  for their own traditions.

We have the scriptures telling us that the prophets and that includes the meanings of the festivals would be sealed to our understanding until the end.  We are also promised that at the end these things would be UNsealed and that there would be an explosion of both physical and spiritual knowledge.

Dan 12:4  But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.

Yet the very function of the Doctrinal Committee is to protect the traditions AGAINST the revealing of knowledge that God has promise his people!

God says that we shall be destroyed because we have rejected the knowledge of HIN for our traditions

Hos 4:6  My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.

Brethren in doing this we have set our traditions above the word of Almighty God!  We have made an idol out of our traditions!  We are rejecting knowledge and the Word of God in favour of our traditions whenever the Word of God proves us wrong!

We love our own ways more than we love our God!

That is why ancient Israel went into captivity and it is why the unrepentant Church of God groups  will go into captivity today.

What is Doctrine anyway?

At this point we need to define doctrine and what UCG considers to be doctrine. I wrote this in my correspondence with Robert Berendt:

“The word “doctrine” means a teaching or belief.  The Bible says that:

2 Tim 3:16  All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:

It says ALL and it means ALL;  because ALL scripture creates in us a set of beliefs, and when we have it mastered through God’s spirit, unites us into ONE MIND with the Father.

The true doctrines of God are: ALL the teachings of God, which includes ALL scripture.

The UCG position would be that ONLY those items on their list of Fundational Beliefs are doctrine, while God says that ALL his ways are doctrine.

The very UCG definition of doctrine is a disconnect from the scriptures and allows them to pick a couple of dozen concepts to focus the brethren on, as they change positions on many Biblical fundamentals behind peoples backs, as being NON Doctrinal because they are NOT on the list.

My dear friend, the Doctrinal Committee is a sham because it is limited to a fundamental beliefs list and does not study ALL the teaching of God’s word.

Therefore it studies God’s word from a preconceived position to prove the traditions correct, rather than to prove all things by the word of God.  and the DC does not rule on matters not on the LIST.

Further, its purpose is to maintain and protect the traditions of men, rather than to SEEK OUT a full measure of  the truth of God on all things.

Apostate men within the UCG leadership are  changing the very heart and core of Salvational issues under your very  noses, and they do this by:

1)  Clarifications and

2)  A change in emphasis and the practical implications of the written doctrines

3)   by a perversion of the Gospel; which is not clearly defined in the list of  fundamental doctrines of the organization.

Such changes are done by first changing the spirit or attitude of the brethren toward a subject, until they are ready to accept and even want and demand a change in the letter of the belief on the list.

This is basic Hegelian Dialectic at work.

Right now UCG is well into the phase of changing attitudes and the practical application of the fundamental beliefs; the actual changing of the words on paper will come later.”

This restricting of doctrine to what they have decided is doctrine, contrary to scripture; then opens the door to making fundamental changes in biblical doctrine that is not on their list.

This is the back door that is being used to lead into the evangelical mainstream attitude that Grace is contrary to law; when the scriptural teaching is that Grace is for the repentant who are keeping the commandments.

First reset the brethren’s  attitude towards Law and Grace; then make any necessary clarifications to the list of Fundamental Beliefs and the change is done.

The opening for this change has already been made, with the resetting of the attitude and spirit of the brethren; and  the plausable lie  that the Festival of Unleavened Bread pictures the resurrection.

The apostates are very upset that I have pointed this out as they had wanted people to accept it without question so they could proceed to the next phase.  I will be covering this in detail soon.


Robert tells me that they do NOT change doctrine without a 75% GCE vote to do so, however they do clarify doctrine by explaining the doctrine further.

FACT:  If we change the explanation of a doctrine; we have changed that doctrine!

Therefore I wrote the following to Robert:

” In the past you told me that UCG does not change doctrine, it only clarifies doctrine. This is the same double-talk that Joe Tkach used to deny he was changing doctrine as he “clarified” one doctrine after another. When we clarify doctrine we are explaining it and any new explanation is, de facto, a change in our understanding and position regarding that doctrine.  CLARIFICATION IS DOCTRINAL CHANGE!

The use of the word “clarification” is just verbal gymnastics, double talk and smoke and mirrors to distract and deceive the simple into believing that no change is taking place as changes are made.

To be honest, I do not know if you have been deceived by this, or if you are playing mind games with me.  I can only say emphatically that I do NOT buy into this nonsense.

However this issue of a list of fundamental beliefs is also a bit of a red herring distraction from the real changes going on.  This list exists so that men can point to it and say that nothing is being changed, as they then change fundamentals NOT on that list.”


The DC exists to protect the traditions of UCG [or any other COG Group]; right or wrong; and they will even reject the scriptures to cling to their unbiblical traditions.  Because these leaders reject God and knowledge of him and his ways; he has rejected those who have rejected HIS ways for their traditions.

Regardless of whether they have actual doctrinal committees or not; all the other COG Groups have done the same thing in rejecting knowledge of God and his commandments for their own traditions.  Which traditions regarding Calendar, Sabbath, New Moons, High Day meanings etc etc are almost the same among the various groups.

Unique to UCG is the fact that most of their leaders after the split off of COGWA, are the same people who led the Tkach apostasy and are trying it again.

Their first order of business was to change the attitude and focus of the brethren from commandment keeping to tolerating sin out of a false love.  This has been done outside the list of Fundamental Beliefs with an emphasis moving the focus AWAY from commandment keeping as an expression of love; and into love as an excuse to compromise with God’s commandments.

At the same time the outreach is moved further and further into the inoffensive mainstream approach and as far as possible away from the message of:  Warning, Repentance and Law Keeping, commanded by Christ.

Once the basic attitude and focus of the brethren is changed, they can proceed with “Clarifications’; changing basic beliefs through explaining them differently.

At that point you have a completely new and different set of attitudes and beliefs without making any Official GCE voted for doctrinal changes.

We are now at that stage, as Bill announced that they are now going to reassess teachings and learn from past HWA doctrinal mistakes; to create a New UCG free of what he termed the mistakes of the HWA WCG.

I will be covering this speach in detail and some of these planned changes in the coming days.

The metamorphosis of UCG will then  be completed.

I understand that they have had evangelical help and advice over the past 18 months in putting this plan together and executing it.

Just like Joe T, they have lied about the changes being sought, as they worked hard to reset the attitude and focus of the brethren to facilitate those changes.

As I pointed out to Robert:

“In fact doctrine can be changed in multiple ways besides in a written statement [approved by the GCE].

1)   Simply shelving the teaching of certain things almost guarantees that they will be neglected and fall into disuse by many.

2)    Resetting attitudes of the brethren through subtle and gradual subversion in the congregations.

3)   Watering down the practical application of a doctrine while maintaining the teaching on paper is another method.

UCG is changing the fundamental attitude of its brethren regarding God’s basic doctrine: that the Law of God is and defines love, and that the commandments represent and define the very mind, spirit and nature of God.

Further, that this nature MUST be internalized FULLY into ourselves, to become of one nature, spirit and mind with God. You are changing that fundamental truth Into a carnal mainstream evangelical attitude that pits love against law

Once the spirit [attitude] is changed then a change of the letter easily follows.

UCG is changing the absolute fundamentals of true scriptural Christianity, while saying that you are not changing doctrine, because these things are not part of YOUR list of doctrines, or they are clarifications that change the practical meanings of the doctrines  through clever twistings of the written teaching..

This was prophesied from ancient days; Jude 1:4   For there are certain men crept in unawares, who were before of old ordained to this condemnation, ungodly men, turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness, and denying the [teachings, power, authority of the] only Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ.”


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