UCG NEWS: I wonder how many United people know that their organization has a Public Relations Consultant that advises, sometimes ghost writes and often edits material put out by the CoE and President?   The job of this man is to make sure that the leadership and their agenda are presented in the best possible light.  That seems reasonable if one is insecure about one’s public personna; doesn’t it?

How many people in United know that this man; Michael Snyder: is a charismatic, Trinitarian who was hired by Joe Tkach / David Hulme to manage the transition of the WCG in the late 1980′s?  Michael was a member of WCG and is a member of UCG, he came over with many others who led the drive into the Evangelical movement in WCG.  His success at that job seems to qualify him as an expert in seducing brethren away from sound doctrine and into the mainstream charismatic fold.   See tomorrow’s post for more!


Neither the UCG nor the COGWA have much loyalty to core doctrine.  UCGs obvious drift into the Charismatic mainstream and the well known neglect of the practical aspects of Sabbath observance by BOTH UCG and COGWA  are evidence of a lack of concern for doctrine in both groups.

The basic reason for the recent split was a difference in the success model that the two sides desired to follow.  UCG sees its example as the mainstream mega churches and seeks to model on their example to achieve what they see as success.  This makes the reason for hiring a Public relations Specialist apparent.

The COGWA sees the 1960-70s Armstrong WCG as the perfect success model to follow; out of admiration for HWA.  This even though WCG growth was flat in the 70s and 80s in terms of finance and new members [even with lowered standards].

What is in process now is almost an exact duplicate of the WCG in 94-95, as the more doctrinally zealous [for their traditions] have been cast off and a new direction is being persued by UCG.

The present situation is all about achieving fortune and success according to this world’s  standards of numbers and wealth.  Truly the love of many for the things of God has grown cold; being replaced by a love of personal wealth, power and success as viewed from a worldly perspective, or the traditions of men [HWA].

The COGWA wants to follow the HWA success model while the UCG wants to follow the mega church success model. Neither model is very godly: BOTH running a church as a corporate business instead of a spiritual organism.


As this split occurred I warned that many people were being stampeded into a decisions to leave UCG based on rhetoric, emotion and personal sympathies for the Latin American brethren.   Many simply did not have a sound understanding of what was happening and were appalled at the UCG Council’s unethical abuse of the the Associated Churches in LA.   The core leadership of the revolt used the inappropriate firing of Leon Walker as their “cause celeb” in whipping up an emotional reaction for their own purposes.

To be fair the UCG Council was very happy to see them go, so that they could then institute their desired agenda unopposed.  Some even said that they would be happy to lose up to one half of UCG to gain their goal.  Which was total power and control.  As the Charismatics wanted total control in UCG; the clique who led the split into COGWA also wanted total power and control to follow their agenda.

In all of this much use is made of the word’s:  “God” and “Christ”:  Yet the practical application of Godly Doctrine is largely ignored.

At the time that I wrote these things, many were offended in me; writing to say that they were not responding to rhetoric or emotion.  Now many of them are beginning to realize that;  that was exactly what they had done.

Yet the following letter is an accurate description of the situation.

Both the UCGIA Inc as well the COGAWA (consisting as it does of former UCGIA Inc elders): These guys collectively have had 16 years to show something to God Almighty that might cause Him to bless their efforts.

Instead they have: constantly bickered and quarreled among themselves; proclaimed a “gospel” about as compelling as a wad of chewed gum; bowed down before the altar of “governance model” as the most supremely important thing that mattered ; have shown no discernable sorrow or grief over the loss of fellowship with other brethren that has resulted from their quarreling and bickering; are both growing older chronologically and more set in their ways procedurally; have not broadcast or written anything that might make people wonder or even ask,”what shall we do?” (see Lu 3:10, Jn 6:28, Acts 2:37).

If this does not indicate a dead stump pretending to be a fruitful tree then what does?


Some of the HWA Old Guard senior people are now realizing that apparently the Franks/Kilough group wants to hold power and control, for their close associates; and they are resenting that deeply.

Other elders and brethren are also realizing that the governance that the core leaders are trying to set up, is for the purpose of maintaining themselves in control permanently.

Many are now realizing that they are not getting what they were promised and are deeply unhappy.  Some on the present interim team are trying to set up a system that will guarantee their own power and control; for the future.

Other elders who had been promised a more godly, servant guide type of organization are deeply disappointed that this new group will be an authoritarian system as per HWA; and NOT the servant guide organization they had been promised.

In short COGWA is now deeply divided over governance and who will be in authority; as well as the approach to leadership and the overall leadership style.

Some elders now think that they have been had.  If these issues cannot be resolved soon, some  COGWA elders will leave,   perhaps some going independent and starting other groups, perhaps some joining other existing groups; leaving behind a Franks/Kilough rump organization.

Even if the differences are resolved, the present struggle seems to indicate a rather divided organization; as UCG was deeply divided from 95 to 2010.

If  some men do leave, it is possible that the loss of certain men unpopular with the LCG, could ease the path to a working association between the LCG and the COGWA:  We shall see.

At this time COGWA is in the midst of an intense power struggle [over governance] for control [by whom?] and the future style [authoritarian, or servant guide] of the COGWA.  This struggle is over power, control and governance.  Some are concerned about doctrine, however the practical application of doctrine is only a minor concern for most.

It is vital to understand that what we DO with what we know; is much more important than just the knowing!

There are serious problems in both these groups; and in all the major COG groups.  Closing our eyes and ears will not make them go away, it will not save us: hiding from truth will only perpetuate and compound the problems.





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