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Numbers 1

Daily News Link Called Numbers The Five Books of Moses 1. Genesis is a history from creation to the entering into Egypt of the family of Israel [Jacob]. 2. Exodus is a history of the deliverance of physical Israel as an allegory and prophecy of the deliverance from bondage to sin of the Called out […]

Passover and Clean and Unclean

Clean and Unclean:  It’s Only Physical The Church of God Seventh day took the law of clean and unclean very seriously but Herbert Armstrong had no problem eating unclean meats.  He finally agreed to teach against eating unclean things to obtain ordination by them, however he always maintained the attitude that clean and unclean was […]

Leviticus 27

Daily News Link  Massive US Israeli missile defense drill “Juniper Cobra 2016” announced for this month instead of May.  New Moon Announcement:  The next new moon is expected to be easily seen after sunset ending Feb 9, 2016.   Our Calendar and New Moon articles may be found at this link.  Leviticus 27 A vow is […]

Leviticus 26

Daily News Link     Top Story Syrian Islamic Extremists being annihilated Leviticus 26 Physical idols of stone are types of the idols that we have made of men and organizations. Anything that we obey instead of God’s Word is our idol. Anyone that we exalt as equal to or above God is our idol. It is […]

UCG News Update 4 Feb, 2016

This is a UCG news update; today’s post is below. I am posting much of today’s UCG Ministerial eNews.  Items of interest are Streve Shafer being brought out of retirement for “temporary” duty.  The list of new Area Coordinators and a message from Vic Kubik  which speaks of reeducating the ministry and the hiring of as […]

Leviticus 25

Daily News Link ANNOUNCEMENTS:   The commanded Festival Offerings were not money.  Tomorrow’s post will explain what was offered and reveal the deep meaning of those tabernacle / temple Festival Offerings.  The sites were down for several hours last night due to the following issue:  HOST “During a routine maintenance at the datacenter, a firmware upgrade […]

Leviticus 24

Daily News Link ANNOUNCEMENTS:   Because of strong resistance to the Windows Ten which takes over your computer and allows Windows to spy, scan, access and modify, update at will, or erase anything on your computer; key Windows Ten components are now entering computers by the backdoor as an automatic update.  To prevent Windows from taking over your computer by […]

Leviticus 21 – 22

Daily News Link ANNOUNCEMENTS:  The following point has been added to yesterday’s Jim Franks post just under the list of COGWA officials.  “These officials did not attend for nothing.  it is obvious that their areas of authority were the subject of the discussions.   The ministry, finances, media and education were the primary subjects of discussion.”   […]

Jim Franks on COGWA / LCG Summit

This is a COGWA follow up post on Jim Franks announcement of the Charlotte summit with LCG.  For the first post on the subject see: The COGWA / LCG Rapprochement Jim Franks reports that the top four members of COGWA’s Administration – Jim Franks, President: Doug Horchak, Ministerial Services Operation Manager: Clyde Kilough, Media Operation Manager: and Britton […]

Leviticus 20

Daily News Link Leviticus 20 In certain seasons of the year and in times of drought children were chosen to be sacrificed and thrown into a blazing fire before the idol of Moloch and various other idols. God expressly forbids this barbaric practice. There is a spiritual facet of this situation, because when we teach our […]

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